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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Independent Artist Spotlight - What You Know About Me in the 734? The Biography of Micah Bryant

Photo Credit - Micah Bryant a.k.a King MicC

Independent Artist Spotlight
By IU News & Talk Contributing Writer
Nuri Flowers

"Just when some least expect, talent can be viewed and heard right around the corner; what makes it even more greater, is that this talent exists right in Ypsilanti, MI."
Who or what is this talent you may ask; why none other than Ypsilanti very own aspiring Hip-Hop artist Micah Bryant.

Born and raised for most of his childhood life in Detroit (April 26, 1987), Micah Charles Bryant has discovered at just the age of nine what true talent he had for Hip-Hop music through what he loves to ultimately do, which is to write. As a young child, Bryant has started off from humble beginnings growing up in east-side Detroit living in the urban neighborhoods on the east side with his parents and younger siblings.
Bryant had recently stated in an interview held Monday, December 9, 2013, that, “My closest friends and family; from my mom dad, siblings, my Aunt Monica, they all have played major roles in my dreams to pursue hip-hop as something I want to do for the love if it and not for the money.” Bryant also added in an on-phone interview that, "I put my trust and faith in God, but also my trust in the passion I have for the art of Hip-Hop that it is.’ 
From preschool up to sixth grade year in middle school, Bryant has lived in Detroit, where he attended Cameron Elementary; after which he did one year in middle school at Cameron Middle School. As the years passed and Micah grew older, the dangerous environments of the projects were growing too great for the Bryant family.  Micah’s passion for hip-hop came at a very young age when his 4th grade teacher gave him assignments in class to do poetry.
“I wrote my first poem and presented it to the class; at first I was nervous, but then as she made us write more poems in class, my interest in writing and putting new lyrics into music had peaked to greater heights” stated Bryant.
In 1999, Bryant and his family moved out of Detroit to live a new life in Ypsilanti, where opportunities for employment and better would come for the next years of their lives. From there Bryant enrolled in East Middle School for his seventh grade year from 1999 to 2000, then in 2001 he transitioned to Ypsilanti High School. From that point forward Bryant would soon ignite his passion for hip-hop to a further level than he had ever expected.
"Inspiration to turn my love for poetry into rap music came to me my second year at Ypsilanti High School. It was just one normal day in the cafeteria and I’m sitting down to eat my nachos when all of a sudden I heard these guys get together and start beating on the tables and making beats," Bryant said.
"Next thing I know groups of people started gathering around the same table and started doing freestyles to the beats. I saw different guys go at and dissing each other with different lyrics. As soon as I get up, one of the guys in the group starts calling me out and talking about how wrinkled and tattered my clothing was, saying things like, “Look at that wrinkled up shirt” and “those dingy red shoes”.
Photo Credit - Micah Bryant a.k.a King MicC
Bryant went on to add how he turned childhood teasing into a viable career as a up and coming artist Hip-Hop Artist in the 734.
"Once I heard those smart-alek comments I knew I was being called out. As the guy kept dissing me, at that instant I had to stick up for myself! I stood right and started throwing freestyles together and began talking about his looks. In my head I thought to myself I wasn't just going to let someone call me out and not say anything about it," Bryant noted. 
"Once I started spitting, a while entire crowd formed around the guy and myself I was challenging. After I was done, a couple people had approached and told me I was really good, including one of my closest friends."
Listen to King Micc Futur3r!st1c Fr3$h by Micah Bryant:

Bryant went on to explain how at just 15 years old he discovered his calling for rapping when he had his first victory in a rap cypher.
"The next few days go by and I am getting involved in all of the freestyles that were being held every lunch period. I was beginning to pick up on everything a capitalizing on the freestyles based on anything that was brought. They were always good times. Each cypher from my freshmen year up to my senior year in 2005 would bring bigger crowds," Bryant recalled.
"I even remember one day my Economics teacher heard about my rhyming skills and so one day came to join a cypher one day that I was apart of. He challenged me on one verse and that’s when the whole cafeteria came to form a crowd. That one time I remember the crowd got so hyped in the cafeteria that the school principal heard us upstairs. Next thing you know, we see security guards coming into the cafeteria and started breaking the whole cypher up. This actually occurred my junior year at Ypsilanti High.’
Bryant was then asked during his peak to a freestyle rapper if he had another alias or stage name outside of school and spoke about the impressive High School Grade Point Average obtain while engaging in a budding Hip-Hop career.
"As the years went by, I started to develop my own stage name for these cyphers. I first started with the stage name “Micraphonecheck”, which I made up myself," Bryant stated. "My high school friend at that time said that “Micraphonecheck” was lame and needed a name that sounded better."
He suggested the name Mic C, which he took the C from my middle name Charles.
"I have used Mic C all the way from high school to my last year at Ypsi High where I graduated in the spring of 2005. While at Ypsi High I made honor all four years, and I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Even after I graduated I continued to use the surname Mic C outside in Ypsilanti and neighboring communities," Bryant recalled. 
"One thing I wish to say that I regret not doing is entering into contests or talent shows while still at Ypsi High, because I never thought I would so talented at making rhymes and getting such a fan base from my peers, so I backed out when I should’ve listened to my friends and competed or performed at venues to be more highly recognized in the area."
"However, I was able to perform at some gigs after I graduated to my adult life. My first as a matter of fact was in my hometown of Detroit for an open-mic night. I have also performed at venues in Ann Arbor, Macomb and Wayne County, Inkster, and even some spots in Ypsilanti."
Photo Credit - Micah Bryant a.k.a King MicC
After graduation, Bryant went to enroll in classes at Washtenaw Community College to take General Ed. classes and studied Exercise Science in the fall of 2005. During that time he met up with a mutual friend from high school named Doren who was looking for talented rappers to form a rap group in Ypsilanti.
From this meeting, a musical bond was formed when both Bryant and Doren discussed starting a rap group called Eyeonnik, along with a background MC named Gem. From there Eyeonnik was formed in 2006, with Bryant under the stage name Mic C, Doren as lead vocals and producer under the surname Jetteye, and Gem. Eyeonnik has been an active group performing in venues, bars and garage parties from Ypsilanti to Detroit from 2006 to 2008.

Bryant joined the group at only 19 years old, being the youngest member of the trio. When asked how why Bryant and the other two members were only active until 2008, Bryant answered with the following statement:
"During the time that we're together things were great; we performed a lot, worked well together and made some money on the side. Until one day in 2008 we split apart and decided as a team that we would stay connected but pursue our own dreams. We split apart due to both managerial issues and somewhat of “sibling rivalry” deal," Bryant reflected. 
"The fact is we all were growing hungry for ownership for the mix tape labels and tracks that we recorded. At that time the other members of the group were not taking their leadership roles seriously; plus they were giving me so much criticism and our manager at the time, who was Jetteye’s father, had given so much of a workload to book venues for shows, contact people for sound-checks, light checks and other miscellaneous things because the other two were not fully committed to the business side of the group."
"What made the group officially split up was one day; I missed a group meeting that out manager had called. Even after I explained to out manager why I missed the meeting, our manager just pretty much scolded me for it. From that point, I said I have to follow my own oath and cant deal with this stress anymore," said Bryant.
So now Bryant was riding solo from Eyeonnik and was in pursuit of a solo career. When Bryant was asked what steps did he take towards beginning his rise to fame? As the interview continued, Micah explained more about what happened after he left Eyeonnik for good.
"After I left the group I decided it was time to focus on what I wanted to create form my vision on what Hip-Hop music is. One thing I decided to do was change my old stage name to something different. I thought long and hard about what to call myself but nothing really appealed to me. Then one day it struck me; the perfect stage name! Micah Bryant, my very own birth name," Bryant said.  
"Many folks ask me why did I change my stage name to my real one. The main reason why is because as an emcee I always believe everything I do and create comes from personal experience."
So as the years transpired, Micah C. Bryant started making a name for himself in Ypsilanti and other neighboring cities in Michigan to let them know who is Micah Bryant? In the years that followed, Bryant has tirelessly been working in promoting his own mix tapes and recording tracks in the studio. How far has he taken his solo career some may I ask, well this is what Bryant has done from 2008 up to now.
"I have recorded over thirty different tracks on my own and have out three different mix tapes. My very first mixtape was actually made when I was still with Eyeonnik, which I called The Forty Eight Hour Mix Tape (Spring 2005). One weekend I was in Doren’s (Jetteye) studio both myself, Jetteye and our mutual friend John D were just in the booth chilling and recording for fun
Bryant has had success on the Music based social media site MySpace with his talent and Hip-Hop mixtapes.

Listen to King MicC Hustle Tape featuring Micah Bryant:
"One day while Doren and John D were playing video games outside the studio, I stayed in the booth recording some tracks. I was recording from 11am to 12 midnight, of course taking some thirty minute breaks on the side," Bryant recalled. "At the end of the weekend, I had recorded a total of 11 tracks that weekend and made it into a mixtape called The Forty Eight Hour Mix Tape. The guys both listened to the tracks, put it on a CD. The next week I downloaded the mix tape to MySpace, and it made over 15,000 downloads."
In the next years that followed, Bryant had put out two other mixtapes:  Self-Preservation 1-(Winter 2008) and Self-Preservation 3-(2011).
"I was in the process of starting Self-Preservation 2 earlier before, but I didn't like how the project’s progress was turning out overall; So I decided to re-focus what I had started with the project and take in a new direction, which I am currently in the process of working in this year; I will make sure to keep all my fans out there posted on my Soundcloud page real soon."
Towards the end of the interview, Bryant was asked one final question on why he chose hip-hop as an outlet for music instead of pursuing other genres, and where he stands today on hip-hop’s direction now in the mainstream media.
"I chose hip-hop to use as an outlet for my passion for music, because it is more so my calling for me to pursue. I can see myself in my walk of life and my journey in life through hip-hop; the freedom to have poetic flow and the feeling of not having to confide to a certain subject is what I appreciate the most through hip-hop." 
Photo Credit - Micah Bryant a.k.a King MicC
"As many hip-hop aficionados past and present know, hip-hop is more than just the music and the cloths, it’s a way of living. Rapping itself to me is a gateway to escape from different outlets, and that why I chose to be a rapper. The way I see hip-hop’s vision today in this day in age on mainstream is very different from I personally do. I can’t say its look is neither good nor bad, but progressing," Bryant noted. 
"Hip hop itself cannot be in a bad state, because I am hip-hop in its entirety. My music that I do is a reflection of me and how I live life through my music; and if my music thrives, then that means hip-hop altogether is thriving. I can’t judge other artists portrayals of their vision of hip-hop, whether it's someone independent like myself or somebody mainstream like Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa, on the simple fact that I am not them. I am not in the atmosphere to judge someone; hip-hop music is what the individual of it everyday and that ultimately, is what defines hip-hop."
When asked what would be the young MC’s next focus for his projects, Bryant explained that is currently working on recording a music video this upcoming spring with his friend and fellow independent MC Focus One.

Listen to King MiCC Own Planet performed by Local Artist Micah Bryant:

Bryant would all his fans to be on the lookout for a video to go viral via YouTube or Sound Cloud in the mere future. Bryant also plans to start his own website, which will feature his past mix tapes and some of his latest projects that he is currently working on. The young MC will also be working on his first album in the mere future as well.

If you would like to become a fan of Micah Bryant’s music and keep in touch with him via social network, you can log into his Sound Cloud page where you can listen to all his self-made tracks and get exclusives on what the MC will be up to this year You can also follow Bryant by his Facebook page.

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