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Sunday, December 29, 2013

FFT 12/29: More Things Change, More They Stay the Same - Detroiters were Hoodwinked in 2013

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Food For Thought 12/29
By: Monica RW
"The definition of Hoodwinked according to Webster's Dictionary online is: "to deceive or trick (someone). Or using a publication analogy: "Tom Sawyer famously hoodwinked the other boys into thinking there was nothing more enjoyable than whitewashing a fence."
Detroiters, you were Hoodwinked in 2013.

Remember when corporate owned and operated Southeastern Michigan based media resources informed you that your only logical choice to lead as Mayor of Detroit was former Livonia resident Mike Duggan? 

The Detroit News, Free Press, Crain's Business and a Downtown Detroit Authority Board dubbed as Turnaround Detroit all cried in unison Duggan was the only hope, out of a field of seventeen candidates, with knowhow for leading Detroit into the promise land..

Traditionally Democrat aligned news resource, the Detroit Free Press wrote this on July 28, nearly four months before Tuesday, November 5 general election:
"For months, the Free Press Editorial Board has evaluated Detroit’s mayoral candidates, searching for a name that would sound a clarion: the obvious candidate, the best candidate, to lead Detroit at the most crucial time in the city’s 312-year history. 
The leader to rally Detroiters around a vision for this changing city — a mayor whose term would herald a new Detroit, battered but still standing. 
Hoping for better things, rising from the ashes.
Detroit is bankrupt; the city’s final authority on fiscal matters is emergency manager Kevyn Orr. The outcome of this election won’t change that in the short term. But with the right leadership, Detroit can emerge from state oversight ready to accelerate rebirth, and thrive.
For that reason, the Free Press endorses MIKE DUGGAN for mayor of Detroit. It is extremely rare for the Free Press to endorse a write-in candidate."
Yes, it was extremely rare as a Write-In Candidate previously has never waged and ultimately won a race to be Mayor of Detroit, in the City's 312 year history.

Detroiters, you were Hoodwinked in 2013.

Detroit News, known for being Southeastern Michigan Conservative leaning media resource, wrote a stellar endorsement of Duggan's ability to lead October 18. The article has since been placed in the News paid archive files but, the tweet below proves Detroit News Editorial Board was 150% behind Mike Duggan becoming the next Mayor of Detroit.

Opinion columnist Nolan Finley supported Mike Duggan candidacy for Mayor. Finley dubbed the former Secretary of Detroit Public Schools Educational Achievement Authority as the City's only 'Hope', over 'Buffoonas Finley called him, lifelong Detroit Resident Tom Barrow.

In the Detroit News June 30 column titled 'Duggan takes a big gamble', Finley wrote:
"The advantage Duggan has is that he already has high name recognition, turnout in a Detroit primary will likely be low, and he has an established base of supporters who have promised to bust their humps to make sure he’s one of two winners in the August primary. 
But it will take an expensive education campaign, which means spending money on a dual message to voters: First, vote for me, and second, here’s how you do it.
Voters won’t have to spell Duggan’s name exactly right, but if they don’t, you can bet there will be no end of challenges and lawsuits filed.
If he prevails as a write-in, Duggan changes his image from that of an outsider who bungled his nominating petitions to a heroic underdog who wouldn’t give up. That would be some turnaround."
Detroiters, you were Hoodwinked in 2013.

The Michigan Democratic Party was silent as a church mouse throughout Detroit's primary and general election process. Detroit's religious community lined up to stand behind the soon-to-be Mayor in an effort to display unity in the community. Business owners claimed Duggan was the Turnaround man.

The former attorney for Detroit's NAACP Branch Melvin Hollowell fought challenge after rightful challenge questioning if Duggan's met the City Charter residency requirements to run for Mayor, and many queries on how the candidates' name was spelled on various ballots.

Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder told of future plans to build broken bridges of trust between Detroit and Lansing now that Mike Duggan was Mayor.
“I want to congratulate Mike Duggan on being elected as the next mayor of Detroit.  I look forward to working with him on making Detroit a safe and attractive place for people to live, work, invest, and do business," Governor Snyder wrote in November 5 statement, which by happenstance was the same day as Detroit's General Election.
"Mayor-elect Duggan’s financial acumen and experience in turning around the Detroit Medical Center and other entities should serve him well in his new role."
Detroiters, you were Hoodwinked in 2013.

The consensus powers-that-be was behind electing into power Detroit's First Caucasian Mayor in forty years with Mike Duggan, and the consensus won -- or so they thought.

But reality has bitten in the case of Mayor-Elect Duggan first series of administration appointments thus far. Certain names, similar to scratches on a vinyl record have thus far has repeated like skips, bits and dips from former imprisoned Mayor Kwame Kilpartick administration.

Former head of Detroit's Water and Sewer Department Charlie Beckham, former Chief of Detroit Police Department Isiah McKinnon and resigned former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh Chief of Staff Brian Barnhill are trusted voices in Duggan's Turnaround Detroit plans going forward. Former Mayoral Candidate and State Representative Lisa Howze who first endorsed Duggan after her own candidacy demise, will have lead role as Chief of Staff.

Detroiters, you were Hoodwinked in 2013.

As a bold and forward thinking supporter of Mike Duggan at first, Detroit Free Press columnist Nolan Finley is a bit disappointed in some of the Mayor-Elect endorsements to date. Finley wrote in his latest end of the year column, on December 29 titled 'Duggan Turns to Cronies First' the following.
"With the wounds still fresh from Kwame Kilpatrick’s friends and family plan, we were concerned about the image Duggan would send in surrounding himself with the old pals who followed him from the county to the Detroit Medical Center. 
His first round of appointments suggest our concerns were well-placed. Duggan so far is building a team that looks like a set of retread tires. 
His first major addition was Tom Lewand Sr. as head of development. He and Lewand go back nearly 30 years to when both were working for McNamara.  
Butch Hollowell is coming back to public life as head of legal affairs. Hollowell, like Duggan, played a major role in former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s election and, like Lewand, is a former chairman of the state Democratic Party.  
Ike McKinnon, former Detroit police chief, is being recycled as Duggan’s deputy mayor. And Charlie Beckham, who will be serving his sixth administration, is the new mayor’s point man in the neighborhoods. 
This is hardly the bright, fresh talent Duggan boasted he could attract when he was lobbying Gov. Rick Snyder to forgo an emergency manager and let him fix Detroit.....
But cronyism also brings a danger with which Detroit is all too familiar. The city can’t afford even a hint of a scandal."
As words like 'Scandal', 'Cronyism', 'Democratic Party' 'McNamara' 'Kilpatrick' and 'Retreat Tires' used in Finley's column like tossed salad, one would think no one else was capable to lead Detroit without revolving the door of old hats named for leading the City's reinvention.

This is unless Detroit resident, former head of Michigan's State Board of Accountancy and owner of the largest African-American owned accounting firm in the Midwest, Tom Barrow did not run for Mayor. As it turns out, Barrow indeed did run to bring integrity of the high order back to Detroit's politics scene.

But, columnist Finley bruised a bit by Mayoral Candidate Tom Barrow's vast knowledge on issues facing Detroit and ability to lead Michigan's largest City out of its' financial melee during June 2013 WADL-TV debate, called Barrow a buffoon. Unbelieveable!

Detroiters, you were indeed Hoodwinked during 2013.

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