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Thursday, December 12, 2013

FFT 12/12: Michigan Women: Time To Wake Up, Turn Off The TV & Pay Attention - Rape Insurance Now Law

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By Monica RW
Independent Underground News & Talk

Food for Thought December 12, 2013: 
"Insult is not the right word. Cruel and unusual punishment for being born, raised and living in Michigan with a Vagina is more like it."
For the twelve year old girl who is a victim of incest. Or the twenty-one year old young Woman raped after a predator slipped "Mickey" in her drink at a college party. What about the thirty-five year old victim of a criminal released from Michigan Department of Corrections custody who broke into her home to burglarize and control his victim by non-consensual sex.

Real life terms are necessary because all of the above described events of violence happen in Michigan. Our state is not a island among itself. Crimes occur in the Great Lakes State. Statistically females are 1 times out of 6 more likely to be victims in crimes involving rape or non-consensual sex.

Yet, on Wednesday, December 11, by a decision made by less than 4% of Michigan's 7 million residents and a majority of Republican legislative officials, as a Woman or Girl Michigander if you're impregnated as an act of violence you might be FORCED to have the fetus.

Yes, you read the above paragraph correct. Forced to birth a fetus conceived out of a act of violence. 

"Supporters of the "Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act" argue that it allows people who are opposed to abortion to avoid paying into a plan that covers it," the Huffington Post cites. Opponents have nicknamed it the "rape insurance" initiative, because it would force some women to anticipate the possibility of being raped by purchasing the extra abortion insurance ahead of time."
If this is not sobering enough news, the situation is worse if a Woman's life is at risk with a difficult or nonviable pregnancy. There is no exception in legislative measure passed on Wednesday, December 12 by Michigan's Republican controlled House and Senate in Michigan (and so-called DEMOCRATS Senator Tupac Hunter from DetroitHouse Representatives Charles Brunner of Bay City and Terry Brown of Pigeon as well as independent John Olumba of Detroit) for abortion funded by private health insurance to save the life of the Mother, either.
"(Michigan) House and Senate leadership took up the measure shortly after 4 p.m., prompting a series of impassioned speeches from opponents, who have called the bill a "rape insurance" proposal because it does not include any exceptions for abortion coverage beyond imminent death of the mother," reported.

Senate Minority Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, cited the need to put a face on the issue as she told her colleagues that she was raped 20 years ago, tearing up as she shared her personal story and thanking God that she was not impregnated as a result.

"The Republican male majority continues to ignorantly and unnecessarily weigh in on important women's health issues that they know nothing about," said Whitmer, one of four women who serve in Michigan's upper chamber. "As a legislator, a lawyer and a mother of two girls, I think the fact that rape insurance is even being discussed by this body is repulsive."

Insult is not the right word. Cruel and unusual punishment is exactly what it is.

Governor Rick Snyder (R) is not required to sign what has been properly dubbed as "Rape Insurance" into law. Throw out everything learned about how a bill becomes a law  watching Schoolhouse Rock educational videos as the "Rape Insurance" law was pushed by Michigan's Right to Life organization via the States' Constitution Referendum process.

A Michigan Referendum allows for a bill to become a law without a sitting Governor's signature by a process.

First, a minimum of 258,088 signatures must be collected from registered voters across the state. If the voters had full knowledge of what they signed is not required, especially considering most potential voters are clueless unless reading this article, "Rape Insurance" is now law in Michigan.

Second, the signatures must be approved by the State Board of Canvassers. Objections to the validity of the signatures collected can be raised only during the Canvassers scheduled meeting. Most Michiganders have no idea what an Board of Canvassers is and knowledge the State Board of Canvassers, exist.

Third, the legislature has 40 days to act on the proposed referendum by scheduling a up or down vote. If the legislature fails to act on day 41, supporters of the referendum per Michigan's Constitution have a right to mandate the measure is brought before a vote of State residents during the next election.

The "Rape Insurance" referendum signed by less than 4% of population of 7 million plus residents is now law, without a vote of the People. The Governor is not required sign use a veto ceasing measure in its tracks.

To be frank, State Republican legislators (and so-called DEMOCRATIC Senator Tupac Hunter from Detroit, House Representatives Charles Brunner of Bay City and Terry Brown of Pigeon as well as independent John Olumba of Detroitaffirmed if Michigan Women are raped or their lives are in danger. and if you become pregnant as a result without "Rape Insurance" you....are....screwed. Or worse, you might die.

It's time to wake up, turn off the television from latest update of Scandal, Real Housewives, the Bachelor, Keeing Up with the Kardashians or The Voice.

The situation of your Right to Choose just got REAL in Michigan, and you might be the next Victim.

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