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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time to Shake Things Up In Michigan Political Scene, As Democracy is All But Lost

Time to Shake Things Up In Michigan Political Scene, As Democracy is All But Lost
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A funny thing happened a day after voters across Michigan participated in local elections.
On November 6 Republican House Legislative officials agreed in unison to end non-bias judicial relief for Michigan citizens on laws passed in our states' House and Senate. In less than 24 hours after a exercise of America's periled delusion of One Man or Women, One Vote, Republicans quickly gathered in Lansing to take the definition of Democracy and crush it like a thin piece of paper.

Michigan Senate Bill 652 has been described by State Democratic Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer as Republicans, "rigging the system to protect their own political gains."

Michigan House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) said Wednesday passage of SB 652 makes, "It possible for the three branches of government to collude to fast-track unpopular and potentially unconstitutional laws into effect over the objections of the people.”

Things just got REAL in Michigan.

Senate Bill 652 sponsored by Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) seeks to close the Ingham County Circuit Court permanently and replace the Judicial branch Honorable Judges William E. Collette, Rosemarie E. Aquilina, Clinton Canady III, Joyce Draganchuk and James S. Jamo out of a job.

Why so, one might ask?

Well, these Honorable Judges are elected by the People of Ingham County. Their mission: to ensure laws passed in the states' Legislative branch, adhere to Michigan Constitution.

he key word above is, ELECTED

Republicans in the Michigan House and Senate prefer instead to move determination of the Constitutionally of state law solely to our Court of Appeals, where a sitting Michigan Supreme Court chief justice would APPOINT which judges hear cases brought against the state.

"The proposal makes it difficult for citizens to challenge the constitutionality of controversial laws or to bring Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act claims against the state," Michigan House Democrats cited in a press release. "It also ensures that the Republican-led Legislature and Republican governor can have a Republican chief justice pick which judge hears challenges to the Legislature and administration."
A reminder of cases the soon-to-be former Ingham County Circuit Court has heard since Governor Rick Snyder and  Republicans gained total control of Michigan's executive and legislative branches include:

Detroit's Bankruptcy Eligibility Case - July 19, 2013 where Honorable Rosemarie E. Aquilina cited:

Detroit’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing violated the state’s constitution and ordered Governor Rick Snyder to withdraw it. 
Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie E. Aquilina in Lansing criticized Snyder, a Republican, for rushing the filing into court yesterday before she could rule on a bid by city workers and their pension funds to consider an emergency request to block the filing.
“I’m finding the actions that were taken in filing bankruptcy as overreaching and unconstitutional,” she said.
Michigan's Right to Work Law passage took place in violation of the State's Open Meetings Act - April 3, 2013 where the Honorable William E. Collette found:
"Rejected Attorney General Bill Schuette’s (R) request to dismiss a lawsuit by labor supporters who allege Michigan’s new right-to-work laws were passed in violation of the state’s Open Meetings Act. 
Judge William Collette said in Ingham County Circuit Court that a coalition of labor unions presented enough evidence to warrant the legal challenge, but he fell short of declaring yet whether any open meetings violation actually occurred when the Capitol was closed Dec. 6, 2012, as lawmakers took up right-to-work legislation for the first time."
Or even when favorable decisions are made for Governor Rick Snyder (R) behalf, for building new international bridge to Canada - July 16, 2013 by the Honorable Joyce Draganchuk:
"Dismissed a Democratic state representative’s challenge to Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s plans to build a new public bridge to Canada. 
Judge Joyce Draganchuk said state Rep. Fred Durhal, D-Detroit, lacked standing to bring the lawsuit. That means the judge determined Durhal does not have a strong enough connection to the issue to be an appropriate person to bring the lawsuit."
Michigan Republicans and Governor Rick Snyder, who's expected to sign S.B. 652 within the next week, just want to shut the whole Democracy Thing in this state down.
“Not only will one person pick and choose which appellate judges hear Court of Claims cases, but those decisions can only be appealed to the same appellate court,” Rep. Ellen Cogen Lipton (D-Huntington Woods) said in a press release. “Even challenges to this law itself will be heard by the same oddly rigged Court of Claims. Instead of making government accountable, this law makes it easier for the government to hold itself above the law.”
Maybe its' time for officials with the United Nations Human Rights Council to make a quick visit from New York to Michigan as it appears this state is quickly forming into a third-world, within the United States of America.
"Human Rights Council are independent human rights experts with mandates to report and advise on human rights from a thematic or country-specific perspective. The system of Special Procedures is a central element of the United Nations human rights machinery and covers all human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political, and social."
As Democracy is continually being lost in Michigan by the day.

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