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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Op/Ed - Why Independent Underground News & Talk Almost Ended - A Story of Inspriation

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IU News & Talk Op/Ed
By Monica RW

It's rare that I tell information on the personal nature about me, but in this case, I felt the listeners and supporters of Independent Underground News & Talk deserved an explanation on why I announced on Monday, November 11th, the show would be going on hiatus status until the first week of January 2014.

First, let me clear some things up. The show WILL NOT be taking a hiatus until January 2014 and yes, I originally announced that it would. Why so?

Well, on November 3, unbeknownst to most of our listeners and supporters, I dealt with an rather strange incident which occurred with a former employer, that dipped the lines into intimidation.

To be as clear as possible, the location itself where this incident occurred is NOT the issue. Instead, the focus is on the supervisor, the company I worked for, and myself. Due of a number of reasons, I can't at this time reveal names on any of the parties -- except myself-- tied to this incident. 

The reason why it was strange is that what occurred came completely out of nowhere. I was intimidated, harassed, shouted down and yelled at by this individual in a public location. Examining the incident leaves me with a number of conclusions, two of which I'll share with you, our supporters.

One-- it appeared the individual tried but failed to evoke an negative reaction. Instead of receiving such, I was stunned, shocked and frankly afraid of the persons' tone and gestures toward myself.

Two--Nothing happens without reason(s). Looking over the past nine months on IU News & Talk, we have covered using a common sense point of view, State and Detroit Politics. Our views on these issues are known entities. There are many who vehemently oppose these views.

Since we are a part of the alternative media resources located here in Michigan, it is possible other ways or tactics needed to be use to, suppress our stances. I strongly November 3rd incident was this assertion, in action.

And it almost worked, until I heard of Norman Meyers Racial Intimation and Harassment Case on top of the Murder of Ms. Renisha McBride less than a week and one half ago. In this state, there appears to be forces ---yet unidentified and unnamed--- that want, desire and mission is to silence dissent.

These forces have no problem with taking their mission to attack or threaten a persons' livelihood and means to survive. Or in the case of Mr. Meyers -- at places of employment and in Ms. McBride's case, to the point of a senseless act of violence.

Yet, today when at 10:00 am ET, I learned of Mr. Meyers incident at his Detroit area employer, something urged me NOT to let others who want to silence IU News & Talk, win. With such, we prepared a show, in a hour and 10 minutes, then went LIVE on the podcast airwaves.

I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Albert Barrow, Dr. Fleming and Jerrico from California for calling into today's program. Each of these callers told me how IU Radio LIVE is indeed an important format of Alternative Media in today's periled times in Michigan.

When I personally felt the urge to give in, EACH of these callers inspired myself to keep going, keep fighting, keep telling the truth as we (I) perceive it to be. Thank you SO VERY MUCH.

One thing about myself is that I HATE literally asking for anything. Sadly, as a independent and proud African-America female, I felt the need to "do it on my own". With such, IU News & Talk has been primarily self-funded organization since its origination April 2010 as ROJS News & Talk.

As a realist, I realize that Independent Underground News & Talk probably has a shorten-lifespan if one will, without support from our listeners and supporters. So, this is were I'm going to do what personally I hate to do and ask for something; as I was recently told in order to do SOMETHING one has to dive in "feet first".

IU News & Talk MUST expand its' reach, operations and overall business model, as a form of Michigan's alternative media. To do so, we need regular sponsorship's of our show and advertisers on the blog and the podcast program. 

This is the only viable means to turn IU what it needs to be --- a four-to-five week a day, three hour long podcast of information, along with expanding our writing staff to the point of being able to offer the writer fair monetary compensation for their written works.

Over the course of the next six weeks, we ask for and WILL contact individuals, businesses or organizations who hopefully be willing to support the cause of keeping Michigan INDEPENDENT Media a vital and important means of information for those who care to listen and learn. 

If you could share by phone call, email, on social media and otherwise this message with others willing to advertise or sponsor IU News & Talk going into the 2014 Election year, I for one would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading, listening in and supporting IU News & Talk for the last three years strong! We want to make to year 4, 5, 6, and BEYOND but I've learned it "Take a Village" to support our efforts and mission to do so.

Monica RW
Owner/Executive Producer/Host

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