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Saturday, November 30, 2013

FFT 11/30: Discussions About African-American Women's Gluteus Maximus Have No Place At Political Forums

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First Lady of the United States - Michelle Obama

By Monica RW - Head Writer
IU News & Talk

Today, I learned at an early Saturday Morning political forum of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, some folks feel for some unGod reason it's A-Okay to disrespect the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

The comment made compared Ms. Obama healthy foods initiative purpose was for "Americans to have big butts like her." 

Normally, a comment the outward body of a rounded gluteus maximus could be considered a compliment....of sorts. In this case, Ms. Obama's backside was compared to former first Lady Laura Bush "bringing respect to the White House".

As a African-American female, extremely proud of the grace and excellence Ms. Obama has brought to the White House to express this comment was DEEPLY OFFENSIVE, is an understatement. 

In fact, Ms. Obama has been the best First Lady in my lifetime thus far. The way she raises Malia and Sasha to be smart, intelligent and GROUNDED young African-American Women is downright amazing, considering the superficial nature of Washington, D.C. politico environment. 

Furthermore, the older Jewish Man comment bothered me on another level. 

The new "Hip-Hop" culture (calling it the new "Hip-Hop" culture for a reason) sadly, frequency degenerates African-American Women as a whole. 

Let's think about it. 

Nikki Minaj teaches young Women to act like "Barbie's" while flossing a faux gluteus maximus for attention. Miley Cyrus, who strangely on some level considers herself a "Hip-Hop" artist, regularity brings the exotic dancers moves on MTV, VMA's or American Music Awards stages in a failed effort to highlight a robust gluteus maximus, Cyrus fails to have. 

Little Wayne calls Women in general out of their "government" name in his lyrics -- as Wayne's vocal works of "art" are touted towards a fallacy opinion on African-American Women, in general. Real Housewives of ATL characters frequency discuss ideas to add or enhance certain body parts, all while displaying outfits to "up-play" the gluteus maximus.

Don't get me wrong, there is no excuse for the Jewish Conservative verbal dictations disrespecting our First Lady, Michelle Obama. In fact, it took everything literally, to not reply in anger that begun in the pits of my stomach then moved directly upwards toward my mouth.

But, we've to teach our YOUNG WOMEN that Hollywood or New Hip-Hop artists/figures are NOT the measure ANYTHING to respect oneself by. 

Respect starts and end with your KSA's: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ABILITIES. Not what real or fake body parts one has. 

After calming down just a bit 10 minutes later, I made a point to speak loudly in the area the Jewish Conservative could clearly hear and digest in his ear, the following statement:
"Michelle Obama brings the utmost grace, respect, honor and abilities to the house we call White, as a proud African-American educated female, that has been experienced in America as WE know it. Commenting on size of Ms. Obama gluteus maximus says more about the person making such ignorant statements out of their mouths, than it ever says about her."
Food for Thought: Saturday, November 30, 2013.

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