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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Amazon Members Review Sarah Palin's 'Good Tidings Great Joy' In Time for the Holiday Buying Season

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Sarah Palin's latest literary works
Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas
has a mix of hilarious reviews from members 
"As the busiest corporate commercialized Green Greedy Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, Hangover Shopping Days Saturday & Sunday draws to a close, let's us not forget Cyber Monday is around the corner."
Over at, the largest e Commerce retailer in the World, reviews of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin latest written creation are all over the map.

Just in case after weekend shopping madness, you still seek the perfect Holiday gift to buy or worse return quickly back store on December 26 after seeing the looks of sheer disappointment on loved ones faces, feel free to read a variety of reviews from Sarah Palin's:  Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas - 2013.

From Reviewer Priscilla Wood - 82% Helpful rating votes with reviews (63 of 77)

Sarah Palin did not write this book, her teenage daughter did., November 29, 2013
"Sarah Palin did not write this book, her teenage daughter did. That's the only explanation possible.
This book is full of shallow generalizations and name calling with a juvenile feeling.
This book in a few words:
1.- Atheists are angry people.
2.- Christians are good people.
3.- If you are not Christian you don't know right from wrong.
4.- Facebook is tough stuff, lots of hateful comments there, ya know?
5.- Chronically offended Palin makes her point of how offensive others can be by engaging in name calling, i.e, mainstream media is now "lamestream media" and atheists are now Scrooges, this of course takes away from her argument.
6.- Big box stores should be allowed to print the word "Christmas" on their advertisement.
I stopped reading at page 98, there's only so much non-sense I can read at once.
I truly thought Palin was going to make a case for why Christmas is important, instead the book is full of rants, misleading assumptions while showing more love with the idea of Christmas rather than the real meaning of it. Her argument makes it scary to think that she held public office at some point.
If you enjoy reading juvenile literature you'll enjoy this book."
Ouch, this first review by Priscilla didn't bode well for Wasilla's former Beauty Queen and Basketball Barracuda, Sarah Palin. Maybe, Annette review is a bit easier on Ms. Palin.

From Reviewer Annette - 76% Helpful rating votes with reviews (349 of 457)

Not even as a joke gift, wouldn't do it to anyone, November 30, 2013:
"And that last one is where it gets just – *kisses fingers* – c'est magnifique because here’s how Sarah describes finding her manly man of a husband Todd just the perfect present last Christmas. Christmas 2012: 
Excerpt from the book....
"Last year, however, I think I was able to pull off a good one for him. To combat the anti-gun chatter coming from Washington, I surprised him with a nice, needed, powerful gun. I then asked him for a metal gun holder for my four-wheeler. Not only was this small act of civil disobedience fun, it allowed me to finally live out one of my favorite lines from a country song: “He’s got the rifle, I got the rack.”"
Gee, I wonder what could’ve happened just 11 days before Christmas last year to get everybody from both political parties all riled up about guns? It seems like they’re always getting their panties in a bunch about somet- Sandy Hook. It was Sandy Hook.

An event where a mentally unstable Adam Lanza got a hold of his survivalist mom’s arsenal and killed her with it before making his way to an elementary school where he shot to death four teachers and 20 defenseless children then turned a gun on himself in the most shocking mass murder on American soil since 9/11.

And what is Sarah Palin’s reaction to first graders being mowed down while their parents were at home wrapping their Christmas presents? “Yeehaw! Guns and tits.” This is the person’s who lecturing you on spirituality.
Read this at and it saved me the trouble of writing it."
Thanks Annette of reminding Sarah Palin how incredibility insensitive it might be to place a paragraph about guns, racks and Christmas one year after twenty children were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Reviewer Linda feels the hate towards Sarah Palin is reason enough for negative reviewers to deeply dislike the former Governors' latest literacy piece.  

From 31% Reviewer Linda Bishop - 30% Helpful rating votes with reviews (13 of 44)

Response to the negative critics, November 27, 2013:
"My word, but her vicious detractors follow her everywhere. I could not believe all the vitriol that popped up posing as critical comment. Give it a rest, people.

You hate her because she threatens you. You hate her conviction, her ability to touch people, and her positive message. You hate her because she represents the good, decent, christian, strong character that built this country, while you represent all that is wrong with this country.

You folks have nothing but bile to spew. I doubt very seriously you even remember the meaning of Christmas. You certainly don't sound like Christians. This book is offering a positive, hopeful, warm Christmas message to the Christians in this country. It meant a great deal to me. Thank you, Sarah."
Who hates Sarah Palin because she can't write a decent book for others to read. No one, next.

The next reviewer, Constance, still lives in the Cold War period. Specifically, when Rocky Balboa defeated the Russian Drago in Rocky IV.
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Professionally Paid Speaker Sarah Palin
at a speaking gig.

From Reviewer Constance Barton "CBDenver" - 33% Helpful rating votes with reviews (14 of 33)

A great book with a timely message, November 27, 2013:
"This is an excellent book describing why we should retain our cultural traditions during the Christmas season. Gov Palin describes the double standard where non-Christian religious traditions are allowed while distinctly Christian ones are suppressed in the public square.

She explains the main reason why we need to retain and strengthen our traditional religious and moral foundations in the first chapter. In describing the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union, she attributes the resulting chaos in large part to the decades-long suppression of religion by the government of the USSR.

Anyone who is paying attention to the precarious financial position of the United States can see that a similar economic collapse may soon be coming to the US. Let's hope that we have enough of our religious foundation intact so that we may avoid the lawlessness and misery that befell the Soviets when their economy collapsed."
Okay, this is 2013, not 1985.

From Reviewer A. Ryan "scandal" - 75% Helpful rating votes with reviews (405 of 537)

Happy Holidays, November 25, 2013:
"Purchase this book at your own risk. Here are just a couple excerpts from the wisdom of Sarah Palin in her book "Good Tiding and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas

"No Christmas lilies or lavender bubble bath in the stocking from this dude, no sir" 
----from book explaining (Husband) Todd's Christmas gift giving antics

"Last year, however, I think I was able to pull off a good one for him. To combat the anti-gun chatter coming from Washington, I surprised him with a nice, needed, powerful gun"
 ----The author's gift to Todd for christmas one year

"So I ask myself, Can't I just please stay in my pajamas, sip hot coffee, and look out over Lake Lucille while the kids open their presents in front of a warm fireplace" 
-----The author's explaining why she won't break her yearly tradition of creating "scavenger hunts" for her family to find presents each Christmas.

"They argue "Jingle Bells" is more catchy than the tired old "Silent Night" (Plus, it won't run the risk of offending the atheist couple in the eleventh row.) 
--- The author's feeling toward shopping stores "refusal" to use or say Merry Christmas

"It's about that little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, who arrived long before HOPE AND CHANGE became political manipulations" -
-- The author's explanation of why her book is an important read"
Still using the President Obama's campaign motto of hope and change from 2008, five years later, huh Sarah? Talk about stuck in the past.

Not sure if this review was written in sarcasm or the writer really believes this. Either way, here we go.

From Reviewer George from Philadelphia - 79% Helpful rating votes with reviews (70 of 89)

Finally a story that needed to be told! Christmas is all but ignored in the USA!, November 24, 2013:
"Finally a story that needed to be told! Christmas is all but ignored in the USA!

The first time I realized there was a war on Christmas was when I did not hear the first Christmas song until November 1. What happened to October? Then I noticed that gas stations, run by terrorists, were open even on Christmas day! Why were they not in church?

As a white middle age male, who was raised Catholic, I am offended that I cannot force people of other beliefs to share by beliefs and wish them a Merry Christmas and have them wish it back, AND MEAN IT!!!

Plus our whole office closes for a week. Why am I expected to have my faith questioned like that? All the other faiths get their time off and everything closes for them.

Palin 2015!"
Well, actually the author should've stated Palin 2014! As the next horse race for President officially starts on Wednesday, November 5, 2014. Charging onward to the next review.

From Reviewer Geoffrey Sea - 73% Helpful rating votes with reviews (40 of 55)

If you read only one book this year, learn to read faster!, November 23, 2013:
"But seriously, if there were not a War on Christmas, why would the legions of Santa Claus impersonators require the Salvation Army? Why would Glen Beck be warning of a mistletoe gap? Why would the libtards be trying to replace the coal in Christmas stockings with windmills?

You can't put a windmill in a Christmas stocking WITHOUT PRODUCING A GIANT HOLE! Why don't they teach that at Harvard? If we are going to replace the coal in Christmas stockings, it should be with NUCLEAR ENERGY!

Yes, my friends (and I don't mean imaginary friends like John McCain did), there is a war on Christmas. Yer darn tootin'. Al Gore is the mastermind, with funding from the Clinton Library, and I suspect the Federal Reserve is behind it, too, because I see Christmas trees falling faster than trees can possibly fall, if you get my winkin', blinkin' and nod.

I hear that they are printing that "Happy Holiday" propaganda in Brooklyn and other Muslim countries, where they claim that a Christmas ham isn't kosher, and pretty soon they'll make boughs of holly illegal, along with assault rifles at Christmas Mass.

So I say we fight 'em, because we're Americans, and it's not like Jesus celebrated Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, even if he did go out to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve. I mean, they had laws back then, and values.

And of course Sarah Palin is the pinnacle of western civilization, she can see Russia from her house. If she were any further northwest, she'd be the tentacle of western civilization."
The last review was pure sarcasm at its' finest, but funny as all gettie-up. Speaking of horses and the South, next we read this review by way of the Lone Star State of Texas.

From Reviewer Zimrah (Leander, TX USA) - 55% Helpful rating votes with reviews (63 of 115)

Sad that liberals and atheists feel so driven to trash a patriotic American., November 26, 2013:
"In Austin, Texas, during this last legislative session, a law was passed protecting the rights of people to say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Hanukkah". That such a law is needed speaks volumes of where our culture has made a wrong turn.

So yes, I applaud Gov. Palin for again speaking words of truth. It's just too bad that the Left is so afraid of Gov. Palin that they can't just leave her be. Whatever happened to freedom of speech...or freedom of anything?

Love this book. Takes courage to speak the truth in America any more.'s the new "hate speech".
Protecting a Woman's Right to Choose would be Zimrah's version of "liberal" hate speech, we guess. 

From Reviewer T. Rosen - 74% Helpful rating votes with reviews (53 of 72)

Finally, a voice for Oppressed White Christians, November 22, 2013:
"It's about time, but there's finally a voice for the voiceless. Being a practicing White Christian in this country has become something you might only see in concentrations of like 80 to 85% in many once completely homogeneous communities.

In fact, shockingly, I saw a woman with a burka on my street the other day. I walked right up to her and said "ENGLISH!! DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!!" She did, but that's besides the point.
Basically, seeing a woman from a strange alien culture has completely ruined my Christmas season, which sadly only seemed to begin after Halloween.

I bet that lady will be one of those who will complain when her kid at school gets picked on and beaten for not having a Christmas tree at home.

If only the school systems could make this book required reading. Every time some Harvard liberal says "Happy Holidays," part of my America dies. Hearing those words is like the lash of the slave master's whip, ripping into our milky white Christian flesh, destroying the fabric of our monolithic nation. Not only does YOUR refusal to celebrate a narrowly White Anglo Saxon Protestant pseudo-religious version of Christmas offend me, it oppresses me.

Before you know it, people will stop associating this time of year with Jesus, and just trample each other when the local giant chain store is selling electronic devices made in China for 30% off. They should ONLY be trampling each other for foreign-made ipads WHILE REMEMBERING THIS ALL ABOUT THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST!"
T. Rosen's reviewer left us in tears. Tears of complete hysterical laughter that is.

Sharon believes Sarah Palin is the only politician that serves the Lord, Savior Jesus Christ. Only Sarah, the ex-politician now professionally paid speaker and commentator for Fox News, that is.

From Reviewer Sharon Bedwell - 31% Helpful rating votes with reviews (21 of 68)

A must read for everyone., November 20, 2013:
"God bless you, Sarah Palin. It makes my heart smile to know that there is at least one politician out there who loves and serves The Lord. Thank you for writing about your faith in the only true God of this universe.

I recommend this as a read for everyone.

May the entire human race recognize the truth of CHRISTmas."
President Obama attends church services. President Obama is a politician today. Other politicians serve the Lord, attend church and know full well what the truth meaning of Christmas means.

Ex-politician Sarah Palin version of Christmas includes her faithful followers buying an overpriced book with numerous bad reviews.

Finally, we saved the best review for last but certainly not least.

From Reviewer Arcania - 82% Helpful rating votes with reviews (632 of 771)

I'm packin' for the War on Christmas...., November 19, 2013:
"Last week my first cousin Cleetus took me mud-bogging for our wedding anniversary. When we got home and I saw the mud spatter on the back of our Ford truck was in the shape of a Christmas tree I knew it was a sign from God for me to buy this book.

I have to go ahead and tell ya'll up front that I love me some Sarah Palin. She's been such a inspiration to our family. Why, the other day my 14-year-old daughter Billy Sue got real depressed after her youngest baby dropped her new pack of Marlboros in the toilet and started bawling and goin' on and on about how her life sucked and how she'd never get out of this trailer park and I was like, "Now shut up, honey, and think of the Palins." 

They proved that even people like us can make it in this world. Look at Bristol Palin. She's just like you and she got on that dancin' show and everything. Then I told her to go lie down until her hangover passed. Kids, right?

Because that's what family values is all about - takin' care of one another.

And that's what this book is about - family and holidays and Christian values, because it don't take no book learnin' to be a good Christian. And a good Christian knows Christianity is all about loving Christmas trees, Jesus, Reagan, the flag and capitalization. that the right word? Or is it capitalism?

Anyway, it's about that money system that FOX News says is the Christian one and that's why I'm glad Wal Mart is making their people work on Thanksgiving cuz' as soon as we finish up that deep fried turkey, I'm gonna go shopping and get this here book for my family. I'm also going to buy me a duck blind, although I reckon that's off the topic.

If them Obama-lovin' elitists think they're gonna win this War on Christmas I'd like to see them try it. I done asked Cleetus to get me some extra ammo so we can be ready for them Christmas-tree stealing liberal troops. And I done nailed down my plastic baby Jesus in the Nativity scene in case they try and steal it.

Even if they don't, the war's bound to make it here sooner than later because everybody in our trailer park is good Christians and we show it by leaving our Christmas lights up all year. We ain't gonna be sitting ducks like our forefathers were when Sherman's troops came through. Heck no.

This time we're ready."
All righty then. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and Happy Holidays!

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