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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Op/Ed: Half-Truths, Freudian Slips Starts Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Campaign 2.0


Half Truths and Freudian slips reveal Michigan Governor Rick Snyder latest attempt erase the last three years and ten months of tenure as the State's Chief Executive.

Disclaimer: What you're are about to embark on below is a vain attempt to delete what Michigan's Middle and Lower economic classes have experienced since January 1, 2011 --- questionably titled One Successful Nerd.

Now let's review the Facts, instead of fiction, shall we.
Fact One -- As the People Mover rolls down the tracks, over to the right a sign on a building says OURSOURCE to Detroit. In what ways an entity can outsourcing TO something? Normally outsourcing occurs from a resource or entity.

Photo Credit - 'One Successful Nerd' Video
Maybe Governor Snyder Public Relations team in a "Freudian Slip" revealed his plans Outsourcing TO Detroit no bid contracts to the tune of $62 million dollars and counting. Or how the mystery donors of the NERD Fund will be first in line to receive public revenue, including $18 million granted to Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's former law firm Jones Day.

Photo Credit - 'One Successful Nerd' Video
Fact Two -- The Governor's promotional spot cites a March 28, 2013 Detroit News Article citing Michigan unemployment rate under his leadership is "best" Michigan has had in four years. Yes but only half or a Half-Truth Rick Snyder's ability to add jobs since signing Michigan's controversial Right to Work for less law December 2013 is revealed

Let's start with a complete picture of Michigan's Seasonally Adjusted 2013 Unemployment Rate.

Photo Credit-Michigan Department of Technology,
Labor, Management and Budget website

Yet, a Google Search of Michigan's Department of Technology, Labor, Management and Budget website displays the Great Lakes State jobless rate in February was 9.2% and 8.8% in March. The unemployment rate for August 2013 is 9.0% in a not much as has changed kind of way.

Photo Credit-Michigan Department of Technology,
Labor, Management and Budget website

So what's the difference in 0.2% points?

In Michigan, unemployment benefit claimants formerly received up to 26 weeks of payments. Since 2011. job seekers in the State now are allotted up to 20 weeks of benefits thanks to Governor Rick Snyder.

Cut off potential jobless claimants from calling MARVIN six weeks earlier = a 0.2% drop in Michigan's unemployment rate over 8 months. It seems the Relentless Positive Action of privatized companies flooding Michigan with jobs, jobs, jobs, is a complete failure.

Suggestion: Governor Rick Snyder should fire his P.R. Team immediately as they failed to spin the truth for One UN-successful Nerd.

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