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Friday, October 25, 2013

Op/Ed: Detroit's Police Chief James Craig Is Not MCOLES Certified

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Detroit's Police Chief James Craig (Front)

How exactly does a Chief of Police becomes hired as the City Top Cop without an MCOLES Certification?

MCOLES stands for Michigan's Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and the Chief of Police hired without certification by MCOLES is Detroit's Top Cop James Craig, as reported by the Detroit News October 24th.

"Police Chief James Craig was limited in what action he could have taken against a perceived carjacker because Detroit’s top cop isn’t certified as an officer. 
Craig caused a stir Monday when he told a group of residents that someone had tried to carjack him two weeks ago as he sat in an unmarked squad car at a stoplight on Jefferson Avenue. The chief said he drove away, prompting critics to ask why he hadn’t arrested the man. 
Craig has not explained why he didn’t take action, although a department spokesman said the chief drove away from the situation because no actual crime had been committed. 
Also, Craig is not certified as a police officer in Michigan, so he doesn’t have arrest powers beyond making a citizen’s arrest."
When it rains in Detroit, it pours and Chief Craig is just one more example.
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (F) and Detroit Emergency
Manager Kevyn Orr (B)
Particularity this latest occurrence turns another page in the book of mismanagement of Michigan's Largest City, ran by Emergency Manager (EM) Kevyn Orr under complete authority of the State's own Chief Executive, Gov. Rick Snyder (R).

In March 2013, Snyder appointed Orr to fix Detroit's fiscal, management and operational issues. The same month, the Governor announced his Smart Justice Initiative to address crime in Michigan's "most dangerous cities" of Detroit, Flint, Pontiac and Saginaw.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing reported in January, the city had 411 homicide deaths in 2012 -- a nine percent increase from 2011. Detroit City Police Department classified 386 of the deaths as criminal homicides and 25 justifiable, during 2012.

Only the city of Saginaw at this time does not have an Emergency Manager appointed by Governor Snyder at this time.
"According to the Governor, (the Smart Justice Initiative) is designed to rely on data to look at law enforcement, criminal justice system reform and crime prevention with help from all levels of government, as well as other community partners. The "collaborative" approach will focus on those four cities with the highest crime rate," Huffington Post reported on March 7, 2013. 
 "The solution is not just government, but about all Michiganders coming together to solve these problems," Snyder said.
Yet, the Governor and his appointed Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr stated pledged they would solve nearly all problems impacting Detroit's turnaround.
“This is the Olympics of restructuring,” Orr said during a news conference in Detroit March 14th, standing near Gov. Rick Snyder, reported in The New York Times.
To start this quest, hiring a Police Chief who could fully respond to a scene of a crime, performing every action his subordinates could, might have been a good start.

That's if Governor Snyder and EM Orr's true intent was to solve the rampant crime problems affecting Detroit's neighborhoods, depressing property values and as a result plunging available taxable revenues the City desperately needs.

Instead Snyder's seems to laser light focused on dismantling pension income of City retireesOrr's was largely silent when his subordinate, Detroit's former EM appointed CFO's Jim Bonsall's, commented on his hopes to "shoot someone in a Hoodie on Angel's night" in the Motor-city.

For Detroit Police Chief Craig's behalf, comments on a recent carjacking incident involving the City's Top Cop must be concerning indeed for residents, as Craig has yet to obtain his MCOLES Certification.

“One suspect jumped out and began running toward the passenger side of my vehicle,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig in a story reported by Deadline Detroit October 22nd. “As soon as I saw the suspect running to my car, I accelerated out of harm’s way. And then, candidly, I got angry. . . . I said, ‘I can’t believe this just almost happened."
How about calling for an assist, then follow, corner and make citizen arrest of the suspect, Chief Craig?

Never mind as Emergency Manager Orr was fully unaware one will assume, a rather important certification for Police Officers in Michigan exist called MCLOES exist, as Orr was relocated from Maryland for his position less than one year ago.

"Chief Craig understands the needs of a large, urban police force having coming up through the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department and having been the top-cop in Portland, Maine and Cincinnati," Orr said in the prepared statement cited by MLive May 14, 2013. "His accomplishments in and accolades for reducing crime and improving community-police relations precede him." 
"But just as important is the fact that Chief Craig is a Detroiter."
Then maybe the blame for failing to meet MCOLES standards falls squarely on Chief Craig's lap?

Who knows but we doubt Detroit's Residents feel safer under the state imposed management of Gov. Rick Snyder and E.M. Kevyn Orr.

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