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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Op/Ed: Biggest Loser Shutdown Madness 2013 - Raphael 'Ted' Cruz as Texas Largest Newspaper Pulls Endorsement

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)
While Raphael 'Ted' Cruz told his legions of Confederate Flag toting faithful followers he carried on the Defund Obamacare failure cause to its bitter end, Texas Largest Newspaper the Houston Chronicle did not mince words as the news resource yanked its endorsement back from the Lone Star State Senator.

Photo Credit - NY Daily News
From The Houston Chronicle -- October 15, 2013:
"When we endorsed Ted Cruz in last November's general election, we did so with many reservations and at least one specific recommendation - that he follow Hutchison's example in his conduct as a senator. 
Obviously, he has not done so. Cruz has been part of the problem in specific situations where Hutchison would have been part of the solution."
Can anyone blame editorial editors the Houston Chronicle for this decision?

Senator Cruz has been on a mission to destroy whatever fabric is left of the Republican party. 
Yet, Raphael Cruz born in Canada, breed in Texas could not admit complete and utter defeat without one last stand, before television cameras.

Despite what Senator Cruz thinks, he has indeed lost the battle and war, unless adding future potential donors in onto the Senator's next election call list was the end game. The Progressive News resource Think Progress, describes Cruz's debacle best.
"While more than two million people added their names to a website run by The Senate Conservative Fund — a political PAC that supports Cruz– urging Congress defund the Affordable Care Act, popular support for the health care law has actually increased since the shutdown began on Sep. 30th. 
The Gallup poll reported on Tuesday that “half of Americans today want the Affordable Care Act repealed or scaled back, down from 57 percent in January 2011.” 
In three week period following Cruz’s speech — even as GOP’s national approval ratings plummeted — conservatives frantically built their fundraising lists and campaign coffers. In the last quarter, Cruz’s political action committee raised in $797,000, nearly twice what it pulled in the quarter prior, and Heritage Action — which has pressured conservatives to vote against any bill that does not undermine Obamcare — collected $330,000."
So it appears Cruz mission to furlough millions of Federal workers, Citizens expecting a functional government and the nations' ability to pay debts owed was all about collecting money to finance next election. If the Houston Chronicle speaks for Texas, Cruz remaining five years in the U.S. Senate will be his last. 

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