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Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day is not a worthly cause for celebration nor a Federal Holiday

English: Christopher Columbus Česky: Portrét K...
English: Christopher Columbus Česky: Portrét Kryštofa Kolumba od malíře Sebastiana del Piomba (Photo credit: Wikipedia

It's Columbus Day! Another Federal recognized holiday. This year, Columbus Day is very special as while the holiday goes on, thousands of Federal Workers and Contractors wonder if they will ever be paid just a regular paycheck as the U.S. Government Shutdown continues.

Meanwhile, going back in Elementary, Middle and even High School Civics, we learned in history books far and wide that explorer Christopher Columbus was a hero that discovered America. Actually Iceland born Explorer Leif Ericson found what is now known as the North America Continent about 500 years before Columbus.

Maybe its' time we Americans correct our history book, ye? But before we do, enjoy other lesser know facts about Christopher Columbus, which might have one question why the USA has a holiday named after Explorer Columbus at all.

Photo Credit-The Oatmeal

We think we'll celebrate and rename Columbus Day to Happy Bartolome Day or Happy Leif Ericson day and no Columbus Day celebrating at Independent Underground News & Talk!

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