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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Op/Ed: Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in 28-year Federal Prison sentence, Takes One Long Bit For The Invisible Team

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Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced on October 10th to serve 28 years in Federal Prison for racketeering conspiracy, fraud, extortion and tax crimes

At the age of 43 years old, Kilpatrick would be 71 years old upon release barring if Federal Court Judge Nancy Edmunds allowed for any credit of time served since his conviction. If so Kilpatrick would have about five months removed from his prison term, making him 70 years old before being a free man again.

Federal Prison Guidelines REQUIRES for a Prisoner to serve at least 80% of their sentence before any type of "parole" is considered.  Kilpatrick time in Federal Prison could be lessen by no more than 7 years as a result. Either way, Detroit's former Mayor would have to serve 21 years and only be considered with no guarantee of parole to be granted at the age of 64.

Point of Clarity in the Op/Ed: All of the above information could have been confirmed for complete accuracy IF the DOJ Department of Justice Website was available but due to the FEDERAL SHUTDOWN, its' not. 

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Yet, Mr. Kilpatrick was not alone in the deeds that will have his life being lived behind Federal Prison bars for either two or nearly three decades to come. Others were offered deals to turn states' evidence on Kilpatrick. Many of whom could have been just as guilty as Mr. Kilpatrick received no charges, low sentences or no convictions at all. 

Some are walking free and might be of the continued structure of invisible power within Michigan's Largest City. Meanwhile, Detroit and its' People are in a worst position, with authority of City Government in the hands of appointed Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, a Federal Bankruptcy Judge, Governor Rick Snyder and NERD Fund Employee Richard Baird.

Sadly, the tale of Detroit's peril future did not end with Mr. Kilpatrick sentence today. Instead, it has just begun and chapters of books to turn are undetermined in the least and worrisome at best. Despite the fact, former Mayor Kilpatrick will spend the next 21-28 years at a Federal Institution of Corrections Facility, unless the sentence and convictions are overturned on appeal.

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