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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Breaking: UAW Win Huge Unionization Victory in Right-to-Work Tennessee Based Volkswagen Plant

United Auto Workers
United Auto Workers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United Auto Workers scored a major victory at a Chattanooga, Tennessee Volkswagen's assembly plant today.

A majority of workers have signed cards favoring the UAW’s representation in creating a German-style works council at the plant, a.union official stated.

Unionization of workers at the Southern based Volkswagen Tennessee location represents first victory for the embattled union efforts to increase membership, by targeting so-called right to work states.

The official told the Associated Press the cards are legally binding as the victory was won in election by the workers.
Gary Casteel, a Tennessee-based regional director for the UAW, tells The Associated Press that the cards include a statement about wanting to join VW's Global Works Council and supporting cooperative and collaborative relations with the company.

Casteel says the cards are as legally binding as an election by the workers at the plant in Chattanooga.

Union representation at Volkswagen would signal a sea change in labor relations among foreign automakers who have resisted unions at their plants in the South.
United Auto Workers International President Bob King has made increasing union representation a priority by acknowledging the fact UAW will fail if it cannot unionize foreign companies' factories in the U.S.

In 2012, Michigan and Indiana passed Right to Work laws. Unemployment in Michigan has risen since Right-to-Work was signed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. A Indiana Judge recently found the states' anti-unionization law unconstitutional.

Promised gains of private companies expanding operations in Michigan have yet to materialize in the nine months since the bill became law.

On Monday, Indiana Appellate Court Judge John Sedia stuck down the states' 2012 version of its' Right to Work law unconstitutional, citing illegality of a measure requiring unions to represent workers refusing to pay membership dues.

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