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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Open Letter About Detroit Bankruptcy to MSNBC's Hosts Harris Perry and Dyson

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Open Letter to MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson:

Dear Melissa and Michael,

It's us. The home-grown, born and raised in and around Michigan staff of Independent Underground News & Talk. In this letter, we'll address each of you individually first then together, second.

About two months ago Ms. Harris-Perry, our alternative news political blog resource contacted one of the producers of your MSNBC program. Our contact was on a periled belief your program would cover the underlying aspects of Detroit's plight and subsequent bankruptcy filing.

A tweet from @IUNewsTalk was sent to MHP Show segment and digital content producer Jamli Ali on July 29th. The tweet asked Mr. Ali review information written on our Op/Ed - "Op/Ed: Where is the outrage, and why the silence? True story of Detroit's Bankruptcy buried by National Media". In response our singular tweet, Independent Underground News and Talk received the below response:

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After the response received we decided not to contact by a Tweet or any other form of communication Mr. Ali again. Furthermore, our tendencies to view your weekend MSNBC entertainment news show waned as a result. Still, we're fully aware the MHP Show losing one regular viewer does not make or break your day as thousands of other viewers are tuning on a regular basis.

The morning of September 9th, we did not reach for the remote in enough time to turn the channel. Imagine our surprise hear, "Detroit is on the VERGE of electing its' first White Mayor in 40 years," said by you Ms. Harris-Perry. As if the other candidate, African-American Detroit resident and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon gave up his quest to be the City's next Mayor overnight.

Maybe your producers fail to enter the information in your teleprompter this morning that an African-American and Caucasian candidate will face a run-off General Election on November 5th seeking to be Detroit's next Mayor. Moreover, in the spirit of correction of known facts, Tuesday, September 11, 2013, Wayne County Board of Canvassers will initiate recount of Detroit's Tuesday, August 6th election. The recount is scheduled to take place at the bequest of former seven candidates named on Detroit previous primary ballot.

"Detroit is on the VERGE its' first White Mayor in 40 years," said Melissa Harris-Perry September 9th.
In complete disregard news piece the Michigan Citizen rightful titled 'Bankruptcy birthed in Snyder’s office' one month ago. This article discussed how Governor Rick Snyder, Emergency Manager Kevin Orr, NERD Fund Employee Richard Baird, current Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and fifth person planned, plotted and discussed how to drive Detroit, bankrupt. Rumor has it the anonymous person could possibly an individual upheld as being on the cusp to become Detroit's First White Mayor since 1974.

Detroit Resident, Certified Public Accountant and former Mayoral candidate Tom Barrow after Detroit's Bankruptcy declaration said it was a scheme designed to rob a City of its assets, just to let you know. Ms. Harris-Perry, mountains of evidence exist a small group seek to control, manage and profit selling pieces of Detroit for dimes on the dollar.

While the word verge boasted with glee from your lips, many Detroit and by extension Michigan residents viewing the telly shook heads a disbelief unison manner. Bewildered by your lack of knowledge about the City's fate while expressing delectation Detroit might elect its' first White Mayor. Frankly, your jovial tone caused us to lean forward for our remote control.

Mr. Dyson, we hope you enjoyed during your visit to Detroit on Saturday moderating a 'bankruptcy forum' Congressman John Conyers set up.

Moreover, we are a bit dismayed by one of our readers email communication to you, we learned you replied in return. To summarize, the reader asked you if the bankruptcy panel neglected to add an important voice on Detroit's current financial situation.

This person performed a previous financial audit of sorts of information about Detroit's ability to pay future obligations, after a elected Detroit Councilwoman's asked him to do so. A review of the documents supplied led this C.P.A. to a conclusion Governor Snyder and State Treasurer Dillon declaration of Michigan's largest City insolvency was a 'contrived scheme'.

The person believed you might activity inquire who the unnamed resource was. Also encourage as moderator for this person to be added on the discussion panel. Instead of receiving another email response from you after the first contact, our resource stated "Mr. Dyson never wrote me back".

For clarification the person unnamed was in this communication was Tom Barrow, C.P.A. Mr. Barrow was first African-American appointed by former Michigan Governor William Milliken (R) to the State Board of Accountancy. As vital and important voice of knowledge Mr. Dyson, Mr. Barrow should have been added to the panel you moderated.

Furthermore, another person attending Friday's event replied to 'break the ice' Mr. Dyson you told jokes for the first 15-20 minutes of the 'bankruptcy forum'.

If this occurred, please be aware Detroit plight is by any means a jubilant matter. Thousands of City residents are threaten by a Federal Bankruptcy Judge possible future decision to end retiree pension annuities, health care, dental and vision benefits. Rumored auction sales of public works at the Detroit Institute of Arts, privatization of parks plus the City's island jewel of Belle Isle and private fire sale bids of land assets, fall flat at placing smile Detroit resident's faces.

Ms. Harris-Perry and Mr. Dyson do Michiganders a favor in the future. If you have an agenda to sell or moderate, please leave Detroit out of the mix. The situation we face within our Great Lakes State all too real. Outsiders seeking a paycheck by boasting half-truths of Detroit's future fate is a unnecessary distraction, while those who love Detroit suffer watching the City we love ripped apart based on pure greed for the almighty dollar.

The Staff of Independent Underground News & Talk

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