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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Op/Ed - MSNBC Lawrence O' Donnell's Fox News Type Outrageous Interview with Anthony Weiner

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MSNBC Host of The Last Word Lawrence O' Donnell (L) and
embattled New York Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner (R)

What is wrong with MSNBC host Lawrence O' Donnell? Or better yet, what the problem with a majority of Comcast Cable News Network talking heads?

This is a question embattled former Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York should have asked after The Last Word host Lawrence O' Donnell accused him of playing 'run for Mayor of New York as I have nothing else left to do'.

Did you see the interview? If not, feel free to review below.

Everyone knows Weiner has no chance to win New York's Democratic Mayoral Primary race. Yet due to his sex-texting issues the embattled former Congressman was summoned to MSNBC not just once but twice in one day before today's New York primary election.

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Monday afternoon Weiner appeared on Andrea Mitchell Reports. Fill-in host Kristen Welker asked him, again and again, about sending pictures of his private parts to Woman he barely knew. 

Welker: By your own admission, you were not truthful with voters when you launched your campaign as mayor of New York. you didn't tell them your inappropriate texting continued after you resigned from congress. my question is why should New Yorkers believe you now when eye your own admission you weren't truthful initially. 
Weiner: I was true. I said it had been going on for a long time, things in my background, all in the past. all of that is true. 
Welker: Mr. Weiner, you did withhold information, is that accurate? 
Weiner: No, it didn't. People wanted a specific date when things began and ended. I was clear the moment I got in the race I had several interviews including with NBC Affiliates I said these things were in my background, wasn't far, they had gone on over an extended period of time. I said all these things. some of the people made fun of me, big headline stories, said there's more to come, I said those things to citizens of the city i was clear with. I apologize if i was not clear enough with you exactly when things began and ended. I think I was pretty honest about it. 
Weiner clearly believes he was "pretty honest about it". It being discussions leading his announcement launching a campaign to be Mayoral of New York and his previous sex-texting issues. This makes what happened later Monday evening on Lawrence O' Donnell program more confusing and complex.
Complex that is unless one believes giving Anthony Weiner an MSNBC version of Fox News Hosts Bill O' Reilly or Sean Hannity scream over the guest for they cannot respond back treatment, equal high ratings, for a show with low ratings, airing at 10:00 pm ET.

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Let's be honest here folks. Americans in general, have had their tea cups full of propaganda news served on a silver platter well before before 10:00 pm ET. Especially on MSNBC.

Where earlier Monday evening another MSNBC Host - Politics Nation Rev. Al Sharpton was informed by O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marsha Clark about a vital point of criminal law. Clark corrected Sharpton assertion Shellie Zimmerman's decision to not file charges against estranged husband George Zimmerman, would mean Zimmerman would walk away from any further criminal actions scot-free.

A majority of U.S. States' statutory laws is a clause suspects in alleged Domestic Violence incidents can be charged with a crime by State, County or Local Prosecutors, irregardless to what the victim desires.

Next Hardball host Chris Matthews, a.k.a Tweety, stuck to the facts on if President Barack Obama could launch a military strike against Syria, after a suspected chemical attack on citizens.

All In
with commentator Chris Hayes discussed ironically the same thing Matthews did on this program one hour earlier. But, Hayes left about 15 minutes in his program review the Zimmerman's saga, with on-the-spot, ready to discuss any subject talking head, Joy Ann Reid.

By the time The Rachel Maddow Show aired a fog of sorts developed while Maddow repeated over and over again the word, Syria, Syria, Syria. In a similar manner as a military cadence drill style similarly Left, Right, Left Right, Left.

Maddow left time in the show to congratulate herself about TRMS being aired on MSNBC's Comcast News Network for the last five years. But, MSNBC's top anchor failed to express Thank you's to former lead in show host Keith Olbermann.

Point of Clarity-- It was Olbermann who pressed bosses at the Network, then half owned by Microsoft Corporation, for Maddow's wings expansion in the world of cable news.

But back to Anthony Weiner and Lawrence O' Donnell.

For O' Donnell, his job as the last talking head program host of MSNBC's evening programming is a difficult job. As noted earlier in this piece, Americans by 10 pm ET/9 pm CT/8 pm MT/7pm PT are sick and tired of hearing about what's wrong in the World and U.S. of A.

Most potential viewers are readying for bed in preparation for a long day of work. So what does O' Donnell do to feed the beast? Keep Mr. and Ms. Going To Sleep attention fresh? Scream at Anthony Weiner for what seemed like forever on The Last Word Program. 

Seriously folks, O' Donnell's display of gotcha journalism is not news. Where are thou Keith Olbermann? Can you come back somewhere, anywhere, maybe on Al-Jeezeja America and show MSNBC how news is done? 


We, the public at large, know at times interviewees try and avoid reasonable questions. To indict a response, reporters at time repeat the same question, with a slightly louder tone.
But, what O' Donnell did to Weiner on Monday night was not that with the silly question of, "What's wrong with you?". 

espite Weiner's graciously wondering why O' Donnell was asking a question lacking an answer; O' Donnell kept his line military cadence line form of inquiry. The Last Word host appeared to scream into his mic, louder and louder with the same question at play, to the point candidate Weiner could not respond with an answer at all.  

Next, O' Donnell accused former Congressman Weiner of launching a career as a lobbyist during this interview, over and over again. The Last Word host claimed Weiner began his lobbying career after he was forced to resign his seat following sex-texting scandal 1.0. 

Yet, O' Donnell never presented one piece of factual evidence substantiating his claim. For the record, Weiner repeatedly denied O' Donnell's assertions during the second, exclusively online broadcast portion of Weiner's interview.

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The moral of this story is MSNBC, you are not Fox News. Stop trying to be so.

Inviting a guest to a program on your network for no good reason but rehashing what the public already knows present moments embarrassment, to say the least.

Repeating news stories on the network evening shows, without adding a new angle to the information amounts to wasting your viewers valuable time.

One last point. Please ensure all show host are informed about facts of basic statutory laws prior to giving out false information, frightening viewers to believe suspects of alleged cases involving Domestic Violence will never face criminal charges if a victim says so.

Thanks so much Network Boss Phil Griffin, in advance.
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