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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fifty Years Since King, David Bullock, Change Agent Consortium Mourn Disrespect for Electoral Process in Detroit

English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan.
English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(DETROIT) – The Detroit Free Press reports that Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is frustrated by his lack of inclusion in decisions that Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is making regarding the city's restructuring. 

A management organizational chart shows all departments ultimately report to the emergency manager while the mayor has become obsolescent.  Email's between the state, Orr and Bing show that the original intent was for the emergency manager and mayor to be partners; however, this is not the case.

"Mayor Dave Bing's administration has been completely undermined by the state of Michigan. The governor has effectively nullified the democratic process in Detroit and we are clearly under a dictatorship.   
Public Act 436 gives the emergency manager unilateral control over multiple aspects of government and despite the rhetoric, the implementation of emergency managers has not followed a partnership model. These takeovers are immoral and counterproductive. Public policy that doesn't promote partnership is simply divisive," said David Alexander Bullock, Change Agent Consortium national spokesperson.
Emergency manager Kevyn Orr has hired a new police chief, chosen members of advisory boards and approved contract's without input from elected officials. Just this week, former council pro-tem Gary Brown who now serves as the chief compliance officer appointed by Orr, shut off the city public lighting grid in the middle of the work day with no regards to those in city buildings subsequently leaving some trapped for a while. Brown made clear that his decision to shut off the power was unilateral.

To schedule an interview with David Alexander Bullock, contact: DaVonne Darby, 313-330-3120   
The Change Agent Consortium is a national coalition of faith, labor, civil rights organizations and active citizens. We combine the best of the protest tradition (direct action) with economic empowerment, community development and community organizing to effect real change and real solutions. We believe that authentic social change must combine the power of grassroots protest (direct action), public policy and local projects that help communities discover themselves, determine themselves and develop themselves. For more information please visit
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