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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The People's Goliath vs Conspiring Forces David: Detroit's Historical Primary Election 2013

Photo Credit - Roland Martin Reports
By now our readers probably have read, heard or otherwise digested stories about Detroit, Michigan upcoming primary election starting Tuesday morning at 7:00 am sharp.

Two Mayoral candidates in the primary will face a run-off in November 5th general election out of 17 possible contenders. Elected office positions on Detroit City Council in newly assigned wards and two at-large seats are at play.

On the heels Detroit's pending bankruptcy proceedings along with what should be a sincere effort to revitalize a livable City for its' estimated 700K residents, questionable irregularities exist.

To start, Write-in candidate and Livonia native Mike Duggan receipt of a maximum campaign donation of $2500 from Rich Baird was a bit strange. Who's Rich Baird exactly?
Baird is Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's sole NERD Fund Employee to date.

The NERD Fund employee Biard was in charge of leading a concocted search for Detroit's Emergency Manager (EM) and former Jones Day Law Firm Attorney Kevin Orr. Emails obtained by AFSCME Council 25 attorney Robert Davis reported by 'The Michigan Citizen' July 25th, revealed Orr was preordained to receive Detroit's Emergency Management position on January 31st while Gov. Snyder insisted no candidate selection was made.

Speaking of EM Orr, his statement to Wall Street Journal editorial editor Alyssa Finley branding Detroit and by extension Michigan residents as "dumb, lazy, happy and rich", revealed whatever claimed negotiations Orr had with City of Detroit union representatives were not in 'good faith'.

The chain of emails between Governor Rick Snyder, Detroit's current Mayor Dave Bing, Baird, Orr and a undisclosed fifth party of close connection verified a scheme to drive Michigan's largest city directly to the front steps of a Federal bankruptcy court.

Next, there is an important matter of counting Tuesday's votes in Detroit. The person in charge is City Clerk Janice Winfrey. 

Winfrey ruled as a member of Detroit Election Commission for Livonia-nite Mike Duggan inclusion as a named ballot mayoral candidate, in despite of City Charter Statues forbidding the effort based on Duggan not meeting a one year residency requirement. The decision by Clerk Winfrey was voided by two Michigan Judicial Courts. In Michigan, Clerks take an oath ensuring utmost fairness in the election process for all.

Another issue is Clerk Winfrey's failure to post the names of election inspectors validating voters eligibility to receiving ballots in Tuesday's election 21 days prior to August 6th election, as required by Michigan Election Law. Winfrey only managed to swear Detroit's election inspectors working Tuesday's election, a day before the primary on Monday.

Notwithstanding attempts to taint, smear, spoil and possibly fix an election to receive a desired result, Detroit residents are expected to persevere performing a civic duty to vote Tuesday.

Hundreds of certified Election Challengers will be located at polling sites in Detroit ensuring the process is fair for all Mayoral, City Council named ballot and write-in candidates. Election Challengers are trained to review all statutory procedures protecting voters choices for Detroit's Elected Office positions are followed.

Tuesday, August 6th primary will be an historical day in Detroit and Michigan's electoral history. 
Using a biblical analogy, the battle of David versus Goliath is set. 

Time will reveal if the People or individuals maneuvering to continue pulling Detroit in vicarious directions of chaos, will win.

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