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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seven candidates participating in Detroit's Primary Election August 6th plan to request a manual recount

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On Tuesday, August 20, 2013 @ approximately 4:00 pm ET this afternoon, seven candidates plan to file an petition request for manual recount of City of Detroit Primary Election, August 6, 2013.

Alternative News outlets Independent Underground News & Talk along with Detroit City were first to receive a draft copy August 19, 2013 of the manual recount petition to be hand-delivered to Wayne County Elections Clerk Cathy Garrett later this afternoon.

The petition alleges Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey failed to properly train election inspectors within the 21 Day Michigan Statutory Election Law requirement, or make publicly available poll workers names available as required by the States' Open Meeting Act Law.

In a press conference with Detroit Free Press Reporter Matt Helms August 1st, Clerk Winfrey stated on the record all poll workers were full qualified to execute their duties five days before Tuesday, August 6, 2013 primary election.

Yet, it appears all poll workers as described in detail Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey, official named Election Inspectors were not trained.

A Detroit City attorney participating in a lawsuit heard before a Wayne County Circuit Court Judge on August 5th, filed by AFSCME Council 25 Attorney Robert Davis and City Clerk Candidate B. Ella Wilcoxin, affirmed some of the election inspectors participating in August 6th primary contest were not trained 21 days in advance as required by law their official duties.

The Detroit City Attorney on the record and under oath, testifies certain Official Election Inspectors were sworn in by the City Clerk's Office August 5, 2013, the Monday prior to Detroit's primary election.

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Furthermore, during Clerk Winfrey's and now retired Detroit Elections Director Daniel Baxter's news conference with Free Press journalist Matt Helms on August 1st, the election officials gave two contrasting versions how write-in ballots would be processed during August 6th primary election.
"Can you tell us about how the write in process will work on your end?" Journalist Matt Helms with the Detroit Free Press asks Detroit Election Clerk Janice Winfrey at the August 1st press conference.
"At the precinct levels were it starts, where those poll workers will be recording exactly what they see. They will record write-ins as they are written," Clerk Winfrey states.

"And they will give a tally mark for each write-in name variation. That information is then brought into the Department of Elections where our tally clerks will then compile the information and give a final count, one tally count for each variation of a candidates' spelling or name," said Winfrey.
Later during the press conference, former Detroit Director of Elections Daniel Baxter recites the following:
"In terms of the variations they are to record what they see. Meaning that if the write-in candidates name is John Doe, they would write John Doe J-O-H-N D-O-E, Jon Do J-O-N D-O, John D, Jay Doe," fmr. Director of Elections Baxter stated during the press conference August 1st.

"All of those particular variations that are similar to any write-in candidates name they are to record that information. They'll record it and what will occur is that one election night when we report it you will see every variation of a write-in candidates vote on our particular report," Baxter affirmed. 
"We will not consolidate any numbers or any votes to any candidate," Baxter affirmed. "John Doe J-O-H-N D-O-E and then there's J-O D-O-E, there will be two separate entries. Nothing will be combined in terms of variations," Baxter said, conflicting Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey statement above.
The manual recount request to be filed later this afternoon includes a factual allegation -- as described in the draft copy-- of a private citizen who had access and a copy of Detroit Official Primary Ballot prior to August 6th primary election.

In the video below from write-in candidate Mike Duggan's June 28th press conference, shows a photo poster board size copy of what appears to be a ballot, with the words Official Ballot at the top of the enlarged photocopy.

During Mike Duggan's write-in announcement press conference announcement, candidate Duggan says the following statement.
"Cindy Pasky the President of Strategic Staffing did a big announcement at Pancakes and Politics that she was writing me in and everybody started writing....and then," as Duggan switched the topic discussed before his audience on June 28th.
It unknown what audience members attending the June 20th Pancakes and Politics event wrote after Pasky's announcement, or what they may have written upon.

Other allegations made within the Detroit Manual Recount petition for August 6th primary election include a request for verification the tabulation voting machines were promulgated as required by Michigan Election Law under Rule R168.775, how untrained Elections Challengers from an organization named Citizens for Fair Elections were allowed to enter polling locations to challenge ballot cast without the proper training as required by Michigan Election Law and a host of other charges.

Staff from Independent Underground News & Talk attempted contact a Citizens for Fair Elections spokesperson by entering contact information as requested on the website. Our follow up request for email contact was never returned.

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