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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Op/Ed: Reflections and thoughts; What are the next steps forward for IU News & Talk?

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IU News & Talk Op/Ed
by Monica RW

Is it time to end Independent Underground News & Talk?

The alternative news resource has been in existence since April 2010. Our weekly podcast began airing October of the same year.

Our resource has published 1171 articles. Actually, 1172 in total by the time this piece is published for public view. Independent Underground Radio LIVE has aired over 300 episodes of the podcast to date.

During this time, we've had the honor of interviewing political officials, thought leaders, activists, job search experts, business owners and regular Americans expressing varying points of views. 

Yet, scales are weighting on the side of maybe our time is done.

Questions are arising if continuing standing up for the causes of economic fairness, needs of America's Middle and Lower class populace, our Nation's long-term job seekers and more is valid. Especially when necessary support that is required for continued operations of a medium of this nature lacks the proper support from not only the internal community, but equally the external community at large.

Is it time to move on as plateau's that are within our reach? 

In Michigan, exist a political sub-group who align themselves with Democrats. The sub-group populace strongly believe in suppressing African-American voices speaking truth to power. Sub-group use vicious tactics built around a design to mask their true purpose. Other commonly read "alternative resources -denoted in italics on purpose" are used to push the sub-group agenda.

On surface, it appears these "alternative resources" express a deep-level of concern of plights experienced by the State's populace impacted by policies crafted by Republican leaders in Lansing. But, after revealing what's behind the Jokers mask, faces of new age propaganda for monetary gains are exposed for the World to see.

The end result of what is hidden behind the scene are "puppet-voices" rule the day, with monetary strings tied verbiage expelling out of their mouths.
Independent Underground News & Talk refuse to stand aside or near those "puppet-voices or alternative resources with agendas". If the barriers of entry include bowing down to the self-entitled power brokers, we respectfully decline. 

Looking forward, my thoughts are focused on what areas to embark upon a new plateau were skills related to teaching others to learn are respect. The next two weeks will determine this True Alternative Resource of Information, next steps.

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