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Monday, August 26, 2013

(NSFW) Op/Ed - Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke's MTV VMA's performance insults R&B Music, industry as a whole

Photo Credit- USA Today
So-called R & B Crooner Robin Thicke and former Disney Channel
TV Star Miley Cyrus MTV's Video Music Awards performance
Rarely do we write about the entertainment industry. Exceptions would be to pay respect to actors, singers or other professional artists who have passed on from this Earth.

Yet, what we saw last night on MTV's Video Music Awards, the best word which can be expressed is ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

NSFW warning before viewing the following video

First we have so-called Rhythm-and-Blues crooner Robin Thicke complete failure to hold a note of his stolen creation ' Blurred Lines' from the late, great Marvin Gaye's 70's R&B mega hit 'Got to Give It Up' and the Funkadelics classic 'Sexy Ways'. Thicke can best be described as a modern day Elvis adopting traditional African-American music as his own. 

At least Elvis could dance plus sing while borrowing cadences and 4/4 music timing from R&B legendary artists Little Richard, James Brown, Chubby Checker and more.

“The colored folks been singing it and playing it just like I’m doin’ now, man for more years than I know. They played it like that in the shanties and in their jukee joints, and nobody paid it no mind ’til I goosed it up. I got it from them. Down in Tupelo, Mississippi, I used to hear old Arthur Crudup bang his box the way I do now, and I said if I ever got to the place where I could feel like old Arthur felt, I’d be a music man like nobody ever saw," Elvis stated during a June 1956 interview.
Worse for 36 year-old Mr. Thicke, his performance displayed a fully-grown man parading around on stage with a barely grown 20-year old former Disney Channel star Miley Cyrus, while she was more than half naked. 

For Cyrus behalf, Hannah Montana managed to horrify parents, children and other celebrities as alike she performed for behalf of a shocked viewing audience the mangled version Twerk dancing, with tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Cyrus tried to out do the legendary Madonna Louise Ciccone, a Michigan native, professional trained dancer and multiple musical award winner. Madonna decades earlier crawled around on the MTV VMA's stage in a wedding dress while humping the floor below.

Sadly for Cyrus, although Madonna's performance 1984 of 'Like a Virgin' was equality vilified and praised, Ms. Ciccone never tried in another life to appear to be a teen idol in her youth. Plus Madonna's display of art was original, indeed.

Most insulting about Cyrus performance was her decision to use African-American back-up dancers to Twerk with her. 

Photo Credit - Twitter.gif
Cyrus taps the buttocks of a African-American female
back-up dancer during her MTV's VMA display.
For members of Independent Underground News & Talk having no idea what Twerking is, this dance is as best saved for another form of artistic expression. Specifically, the dance should be reversed for a NSFW warning before clicking on the following link strip club with adults making a firm decision to view and pay performers prancing around in their individual birthday suits.

Although millions of viewers suffered watching Cyrus and Thicke's exaggerated displays of artistic behavior, it was the music industry that stepped ever-so-closely to promoting full exhibitionism of our nations' youth. Variable youth influenced by pop, hip-hop, country, rock and complementary music stars displaying sex and drugs all the time, every time in their music creations, videos or while pumping gas.

Photo Credit -
Former Disney Star Miley Cyrus promotes 'Sex, Drugs & Rap'
T-Shirt while pumping gas.
When humans of mature age ponder what's the cause of moral and ethical breakdown in Americans society, think Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke 2013 MTV VMA's display. And in particular the musical artists full display of all things private for a cable television viewing audience of pre-teens, teens and young adults.

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