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Monday, July 29, 2013

Op/Ed - An Ole to Belle Isle as Lockwood 'Commonwealth Utopia' Plans Are Revealed -- Yet Again

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A view of Belle Isle Park

Goodbye, Au Revoir, Adeiu and Adios Belle Isle. It was nice to visit you as a Detroit Public Park.

Spending days of summers past strolling the Detroit River by canoe, sitting on a potato sack sliding down "The Giant Slide", visiting animals at Belle Isle Zoo or taking an evening drive on your parks roads to see another country -- Windsor, Ontario -Canada, less than five miles away.

Despite a rebuke by Detroit's City Council months ago an attempts to lease Detroit's premier public park and turning it into a possible future entity called "The Commonwealth of Belle Isle"; elected leadership of your town now have no power to cease your sale. Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Governor Rick Snyder call the shots on what's Belle Isle's fate in the City's Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcy process will be -- we're lead to believe.

Lockwood, similar a flock of vultures circling land, recently boast to Fox News - John Strossel's your fairwell, Au revoir, Adeiu and Adios from members of public is the plan. A public that adores your beautiful scenery, botanical gardens or enjoying a family picnic under the islands plentiful shelters.

So while Michiganders and City residents argue about if Detroit's Bankruptcy equals a Corporate Takeover equaling pennies on the dollar auction sales of City Assets in the near future; Mackinaw Center for Public Policy Member Rod Lockwood appears to have his eyes directly on creating a wealth based utopia at the Public Park now known as Belle Isle.

Goodbye, Au revoir, Adeiu and Adios Belle Isle. You will always be in our hearts as the Mackinaw Center for Public Policy receives, what they want ---period. Especially with Governor Rick Snyder heading whatever is called "Democracy" existing, in Michigan's government.

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