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Monday, July 22, 2013

Op/Ed - The Never Ending Jobs Crisis of 2013 -- '12, '11. '10. '09. '08 & '07, continues

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IU News & Talk Op/Ed
by Rhonda T.

July 2013 it’s been over 5 years into a jobs crisis in the United States. 

I thought I would take the time to review what Congress and the Senate have done regarding the jobs crisis so far since elections of 2012. NOTHING!

Meanwhile, the crisis grows; there are more people in the U6 numbers of the BLS report than U3 unemployed that are counted.  There are less people in the workforce.  Record length of unemployment crisis ever in the history of America.

Photo Credit - Rhonda T./Independent Underground
News & Talk

I took BLS rates for every two years and placed them on a graph. Does it strike you as odd that WE HAVE NEVER had such a long lasting and hard hitting JOBS RECESSION in this country?

Furthermore, can you recall ever while a jobs crisis was going on in this country a Government telling the people THINGS are getting better? Better for WHOM?

Certainly is not getting better for the American Public. Meanwhile the talks of Immigration reform are Washington DC and Repealing Obama Care are priorities, along with who can get the next Obama care waiver battle still rolls on. One has to wonder why we can find organizations rallying for a raise in higher wages. Yet, all is silent on the front of unemployment? Job Creation focus, anyone?

I can’t seem to find those rallies where Job Creation is the central, only and core focus of gathering in unison for a cause. The 99ers said that this was a virus that would spread in 2010.  No one believed us.  Now they are living what they did not believe could happen to them in 2010.  And still no response from the government on job creation.

Apparently the only way the government believes it can create jobs is one of two options. By creating more union jobs, or by lowering taxes and hoping that the demand is not completely gone to be able to create the job.

It seems there is room somewhere in the middle there for these two groups. A program that Americans lean more towards, would be nice.

Americans don’t want an all or nothing government, instead we desire specifically a government that works for the citizens of the United States of America.

So for all the so called labor activists who are sleeping on the job right now. You’re FIRED.

You have more than failed the public. With more people out of work, there is more need for welfare, less demand for products and more people going bankrupt daily.  Not sure why you think waiting it out is good for anyone in this situation.

We are not going to create demand the way America, the beautiful is headed.  We are certainly not going to shrink our National Debt DOING NOTHING either.  

So it’s time to get the ball rolling. Do your job Congress and President Obama!

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Monica RW said...

Things ARE getting better...for the 1%...

Monica RW said...

Jobs go overseas because you demand it every time you put money into your IRA; or whatever. Every time you buy a cheaper product to save money; buy a CD because it has a higher percentage rate instead of checking where that investor puts the money it invests; etc. The companies have to make a profit because you as an investor require the profit so you can either make a higher profit , or pay a lower insurance premium; bank premium; etc. Don't blame the companies, blame the people who use the companies

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