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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Op/Ed: As Drama Surrounding Detroit's Mayoral Race Continues, Voters Must Make The Right Decision For The City's Future

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A IU News & Talk Op/Ed

What's truly amazing is Detroit's Media Resources --with the exception of a recent Detroit News Blog post--- failure in calling Mike Duggan out for his indecisiveness more so than Barrow's attempts to remove him from the Ballot. 

Photo Credit- The Detroit Free Press
Detroit Named Mayoral Ballot Candidate Tom Barrow (R)
asserts Write-In Candidate Mike Duggan (L) is ineligible to
wage a primary election write-in quest to be Detroit's
Next Mayor.
Now, we'll admit, the latest effort by Detroit Mayoral Candidate Tom Barrow to remove former Wayne County Prosecutor Mike Duggan latest August 6th primary election candidacy quest, presents a question to be determined after reviewing Michigan's Election Law for Write-In Campaigns.

If we've the basis of Mr. Barrow's latest charge correct, Mike Duggan can't run in the Detroit Mayoral Race until after August 6, 2013 primary is certified, based on Michigan 3rd Circuit Court Judge Lita Masini Popke's June 11th ruling

Photo Credit website
City of Detroit Clerk Janice Winfrey
Again, this is to be decided probably in a Court of Law or by City Clerk Janice Winfrey. Whatever decision Winfrey makes needs to be correct, considering her last ruling completely fell foul of Detroit's City Charter.

What's questionable is this poll cited in July 2, 2013 Detroit Free Press article not reported by any other news resource until today. 

The poll by "Mainstreet Strategies" cited in Benny Napoleon has 54% of the vote based off a random sample of 1300+ residents.

From The Detroit News - 'Tom Barrow Tries to Block Mike Duggan's Detroit Mayoral Primary Write-In Campaign' - July 1, 2013 by Journalist Matt Helms
"Just days after Duggan announced he would not run following the appeals court ruling, a poll by Main Street Strategies found Napoleon with a convincing lead that pollster Joe DiSano called “a blowout.” 
About 54% of voters said they would choose Napoleon, followed by former state Rep. Lisa Howze at 15%, Barrow at 14%, former Detroit (Corporation) counsel Krystal Crittendon at 13% and state Rep. Fred Durhal Jr. at 4%."
Where these individuals polled City of Detroit Eligible Voters? If so, how can this information be quantified? How many Men v.s. Women were polled? What were the sample groups age, ethnic demographics and income? 

Had any of the individuals polled in the sample heard or read any information on Tom Barrow's successful effort to remove Mike Duggan from the ballot? Had any individuals in the sample poll researched information of any other of the named ballot candidates running for Mayor? Did individuals in the sample make a decision to support Napoleon solely based on Mike Duggan's removal as a name ballot candidate?

Unless members of the public are informed on all of the answers noted above, the "poll" is questionable and should be looked at as a outliner. A course or two in statistics although not fun, but will cause the average reader to ask such questions.

Local Talk Show Host and Blogger Eric Brown via the Detroit News wrote an article on July 1, 2013 on Mr. Duggan's true indecisiveness, and why City voters should examine this issue.

From The Detroit News - 'Duggan's revolving door of disingenuousness' - July 1, 2013 by Eric Brown
"Detroit mayoral candidate Mike Duggan was in the race thinking that he filed his candidacy appropriately. Then he was out of the race based on a Circuit Court ruling that he had violated the the Detroit City Charter. Subsequently, a Court of Appeals ruling affirmed the lower court’s ruling. 
Please Mr. Duggan: Be honest and fair to the Detroit electorate when explaining why you were kicked off the ballot. Your situation has more to do with your failing to have a complete understanding of the Detroit City Charter, than what any judge ruled. Bottom line? You are the one responsible for the citizens of Detroit not having the opportunity to cast a vote for you on August 6, 2013. 
There are now two red flags that should concern the citizens as it relates to your candidacy: 1) Are you someone that pays attention to detail? and 2) Should your indecisiveness be cause for concern to the electorate in Detroit?"                                    
Duggan clearly stated local news resources he didn't foresee any viable path to engage a Write-In Campaign. Subsequently, Duggan "shut down" his candidacy quest. Less than 10 days later, Duggan changed his tune. The question Detroit's Voters need to ask is why? 

According to Duggan Campaign, via news reports, the change in strategy was based on the "will" of about 50 "loyal" campaign staffers.

From Crain's Detroit Business - 'Duggan Re-enters Detroit's Mayoral Race As A Write-In Candidate' - by Ross Benes - June 28, 2013
"Duggan had originally discouraged a write-in campaign, but last week, supporter and civic leader Cindy Pasky publicly said she was writing his name on her primary ballot. From there, the idea started snowballing. 
"I did not expect this kind of reaction," Duggan told a crowd of about 50 people this morning at his campaign headquarters at 2751 E. Jefferson. "I had people tell me they didn't want judges to take away the right to vote."
One would think that prior to announcing a shutdown of a campaign the candidate would first temporary suspend the campaign, then explore other options available for participation.

Duggan did not do any of the above, as he ended his campaign --at least according to media reports--- then launched a Write-In Campaign less than 10 days later.

Furthermore, in light of Duggan ignoring the City Charter Candidate Residency Requirements --up to and including one Judicial Court decision affirming his inability to meet the eligibility standards-- rightful questions should be asked by Detroit's Voters why is Duggan so determined to be Mayor of Detroit?

Detroit Voters should research ALL the candidates running for Mayor, then make the RIGHT decision for their economic best interests. Ignore any attempt in the media to "make" a decision for you. 

Attend one or more of the community forums were nearly all the top named ballot candidates discuss rationale or basis for their campaign. Contrast and compare candidates words -- not dramatize for a media "page hits" affect. Reject making a decision who to vote for based "name recognition or fame" unless the candidate policies work for your personal and family needs.

If Detroiters do the above, they will make the RIGHT decision who should be the City's Next Mayor to foster Detroit's Revitalization Plan for the light-years ahead.

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