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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Op/Ed: Media Bias rears its ugly head: WADL's Detroit Mayoral Debate and Panel Discussion display

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English: The Detroit Free Press building, viewed from Lafayette street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We have no idea what is wrong with our media but, one fact is clear. We're proud to shout from rooftops, we're citizen journalists.

Especially, after the display of "journalism" witnessed on television during Detroit's Channel 38 WADL's Mayoral Debate and Panel Discussion program. 

The typical rules of debate weren't followed.

How can it be two journalists on the questioning panel come thisclose to endorsing a candidate, yet expect to appear non-bias? Two journalists during the debate fit the question posed above to a tee - Detroit Free Press Journalist Stephen Henderson along with Detroit News conservative leaning columnist Nolan Finley

From the Detroit News - 'Column: Duggan takes a big gamble' - June 30, 2013 by Nolan Finley
"The advantage Duggan has is that he already has high name recognition, turnout in a Detroit primary will likely be low, and he has an established base of supporters who have promised to bust their humps to make sure he’s one of two winners in the August primary.

But it will take an expensive education campaign, which means spending money on a dual message to voters: First, vote for me, and second, here’s how you do it. 

Voters won’t have to spell Duggan’s name exactly right, but if they don’t, you can bet there will be no end of challenges and lawsuits filed.

If he prevails as a write-in, Duggan changes his image from that of an outsider who bungled his nominating petitions to a heroic underdog who wouldn’t give up. That would be some turnaround."
Guess Mr. Henderson felt other Mayoral candidates deserved no respect since with exception of Mike Duggan, as the remaining field are largely composed of Banana Republic candidates. In his written words, not ours.

From The Detroit Free Press - 'Stephen Henderson: Mike Duggan ordeal is a joke - and the joke's on us' - June 19, 2013
Banana Republic?

There’s also grand irony in the efforts of candidate Tom Barrow, a convicted felon (who has long asserted his own innocence, but has not prevailed in convincing the courts to overturn his conviction for bank fraud and tax evasion) who was thrice rejected by Detroit voters, to toss Duggan from the ballot.

The race also features: a sheriff (Benny Napoleon) who has never met a budget and whose tenure as Detroit police chief ended with the imposition of a federal consent decree; the city’s former general counsel, whose behavior in defiance of the mayor helped earn Detroit an important credit downgrade and cost tens of millions more in interest payments, and a state representative who just got outed as a chronic truant, choosing at least one recent day to water his grass in Detroit rather than vote in Lansing.
An ironic and disparaging choice of words opined above by a African-American Journalist describing other African-Americans candidates for Mayor as a banana - republic. Yes, indeed.

Is this why during candidate panel breakout sessions where all four candidates should have received direct questions, only one mayoral candidate was asked all the questions?

Video Courtesy of G1NBC You Tube Channel

Basically, we're lost trying to follow the exchange.

The candidate question panel session began with posing one query to all four candidates with 60 sections to reply. Next, questions turned to Mayoral Candidate Lisa Howze answering all initial queries. Three other candidate panelists were only offered 30 section rebuttal replies. That does not seem fair at all.

When Independent Underground Radio LIVE interviewed Ms. Howze on June 9, 2013, she was our exclusive guest. Other Candidates for Detroit Mayor interviewed by our program received the same treatment as Ms. Howze with similar questions being fair to all.

How does the appearance of a media bias, members of the audience noticed, end up with a journalist on the panel being rude attendees for being called out on favoritism?
"When you ask the questions, you address them the way you want," Detroit Free Press Journalist Stephen Henderson shouted back to audience members disturbed how the panel format was handled. 
From the outside looking in, it appears the journalist desired to be the news, instead of reporting the news. That is quite sad if this is what credible reporting has become as of late.
"You use the phase turn-around because you want to give a shout out to Duggan", stated Panelist State Representative and Mayoral Candidate John Olbuma on Henderson's repetitive use of the word turnaround, a well-known theme of Write-In Candidate Mike Duggan's campaign.
We, as the customers of Media, must demand better. The two choices are: Demand the media clean up its act or stop engaging with the media resources, immediately.

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