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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Post - Mr. Black President, did you forget about us?

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Official portrait of US President Barack Obama
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IU News & Talk Guest Post
by Marcus Webb
I voted for you twice, 
And I still lost,
My job, 
My children,
And my wife,

Mr. Black President,

Those black folks love you in Chicago,
Those black folks adore you Chicago
But those black folks are dying by the hundreds in Chicago,
Mr. Black President will you be there for us today or tomorrow,
As I continue to count the dead black bodies that fall as we wait for your answer DAM,

Mr. Black President,

In my community 60% of black males are unemployed, 
In my community unemployed middle age men turns into dope boys,
In my community poor righteous gangsters love to spray them toys,
In my community the people are immune to hearing the death noise,
In my community we will continue prays for you while six men carry our boys,

Mr. Black President, 

After you bail out Wall Street can you bail out,
Jackson Street, 
Pulaski Street,
Chavez Street, 
MLK Street, 
And all those other streets that rich folks are afraid to walk down, 

Mr. Black President, 

Your skin is black, 
Your hair is kinky,
Your arms are long,
Your back is not strong,
Until you really stand up your name will be Tom, 

Mr. Black President

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