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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Post - The Disrespect Continues on July 30, 2013; WADL-TV Channel 38 Detroit Mayoral Debate

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IU News & Talk - Guest Post
by "Upset Ex-Pat Detroiter"

If You were expecting a debate last night at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, You are naive. 

If You were expecting to hear Your candidate speak to the voters and supporters about the issues, You are naive!

If You expected an Honest and Fair format for the candidates to engage in a reasonable question and answer session....You are truly naive! 

Last night's debate broadcast on WADL-TV (Channel 38) was a disrespect to Detroit and all Detroiters throughout the USA! What we witnessed last night by the press panel was, instigation, poking, pushing, taunting...provocation!

The press panel of Detroit News Editorial Page Editor Nolan Finley, Debbie Dingell, President of d2 Strategies, and Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor Stephen Henderson.

Why were they at the debate? What was their purpose?

Surely, at some point all the candidates would be asked questions on the issues facing the city! Surely, at some point each candidates would be given a direct question and the other candidates would be able to follow up! 

Let's go to the point! Retired 36th District Judge Willie Lipscomb was used by the panel to challenge one candidate, Tom Barrow. The judge's laid back style seemed disconnected with the issues, and Tom Barrow knowing the issues was ignored by the panel. The judge was given direct questions!

Tom Barrow and the other candidates had to respond to the judge. The questions given to the judge were as soft as a baby's butt. This went on when all the candidates were together. The judge was the focus, positioned first, in the first roll. He was the bait to show up the spirited candidates, the candidates who knew the issues. An illusion of contrast and compare! 

The panel was not there for honest debate, instead the press panel clearly showed the debate was setup to get a candidate in a situation where emotions or words would be placed on a video loop and used up to the August primary.

The write in candidate was given the night off, he was a spectator. After all, the people on the press panel and their employers are the write-in candidate's supporters. The press panel had a direct conflict of interest with all other candidates except one...the write in candidate!

Detroiters, YOU were disrespected last night. Your perception of last night's debate will shape your thoughts on your selection August 6. 2013.

What is clear, the press panel disrespected the City of Detroit. What is clear the press panel disrespected the candidates who were there for a fair and honest debate. What is clear the debate on July 30, 2013 controlled by the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News and WADL-TV Channel 38 was not a debate.

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