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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Op/Ed: As Governor Rick Snyder travels to NYC for a chat with Bloomberg TV, Many In Michigan Media Scene Remain Silent

English: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder
English: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A IU News & Talk Op/Ed

Questions have yet to be answered about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's ethics in light of information revealed by "The Michigan Citizen".

Yet on Friday, local news resource MLive reported Governor Snyder and Detroit's Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr took a trip to New York City July 26th, chatting with Bloomberg TV how investors can gain first "bids" on Detroit's Assets.

Yes, you read the above sentence correct, as described in MLive's article by Journalist Jonathan Oosting.

"Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr travelled to New York on Friday, discussing the city's bankruptcy filing and potential comeback with thought leaders in the press and on Wall Street. 
Snyder began his day in New York with an interview on Bloomberg TV, according to a spokesperson. He also met with editorial boards of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Financial Times before beginning the return trip to Michigan. 
"He's just telling the story that we're still the comeback state and this was an important step for Detroit," said Deputy Press Secretary Dave Murray. 
Snyder pitched the city to potential investors during an interview with The Financial Times, noting the strong housing market in Midtown, Dan Gilbert's work downtown and various investments along the RiverFront. 
"Detroit was a place where the last obstacle was a city government issue of debt and services," the governor said.  
"And as we resolve that, we move from a place where quite often people viewed every day as another day downhill to a stable place and a growing place. Then we move from an investment people might avoid to being one of the great values in the world for future growth, because we've got the most talented people in the world to invest in."
Amazing or downright loathsome, as we cannot think of the correct synonym to use in light of this recent development. Adding to our confusion, sixteen questions that we doubt Governor Snyder will answer but Michigan Citizens should think long and hard about.

1). Is this why Governor Snyder PR Team failed to issue a direct response to MLive Journalist Susan J. Demas article on July 25th calling for the Governor to account for his email trial, NERD Fund Operations and other events leading up to Detroit's Bankruptcy filing?

2). Did "The Michigan Citizen" article pomp Governor Snyder and E.M. Kevyn Orr to move at "The Speed of Light" ahead to let "investors to be" know "everything in Detroit is under "his complete control"?

3). Why is E.M. Kevyn Orr travelling with Governor Snyder on this trip?

4). Who is paying for this adventure to NYC for Snyder and Orr?

5). The People of Michigan, citizens of Detroit or both? 

6). Shouldn't E.M. Kevyn Orr be working day and night on Detroit's upcoming bankruptcy justification hearing?

7). Who is being paid to "make this happen?"

8). What happen you might ask? The quick selling of Detroit's Assets. 

9). Who or What entities have the most to gain on making "this happen"? 

10). What deals have been made behind closed doors to ensure that "this will happen"?

11). Should Detroit's residents been made aware of Governor Snyder's and E.M. Kevyn Orr's "trip to NYC" by MLive or by Governor Snyder, himself? 

12). What about all Michigan Citizens in general since what occurs in Detroit and its' bankruptcy proceeding impacts ALL state residents?

13). Does this trip fall under Michigan's Open Meetings Act?

14). If not, why not? This trip was about "The People of Detroit's" business or assets, if you will.

15). Did a trip by investors from "Christie's Auctions and Private Sales" -- (Art Investors based out of NYC) last week to the DIA reported on "The Detroit Free Press" and was highly criticized by officials at the Detroit Institutes of Arts, possibly play into Governor Snyder and E.M. Kevyn Orr's trip to NYC yesterday?

16). Did Gov. Snyder and Kevyn Orr make a "pit-stop" to talk with "Christie's Auctions and Private Sales" headquarters as its' located in the same city NYC, on July 26th?

Maybe our Michigan traditional media resources will ask Governor Snyder directly --not his Public Relations team-- during a future press conference one or more of the questions posed above.

Better yet, how about Journalists Rochelle Riley and Stephen Henderson at "The Detroit Free Press" take the lead such inquires specifically crafted to receive the same result. A direct answer to direct question(s).

MLive's Susan J. Demas kindly requested Governor Snyder's provide a full account on the NERD Fund and "The Michigan Citizen" article emails on Detroit's Bankruptcy between Snyder, Orr, Rich Baird (NERD Fund Employee reporting directly to our state's chief executive officer) and Detroit Mayor Bing starting on January 31, 2013.

Detroit Free Press Journalist Nancy Kaffer called for Governor Snyder's transparency about the NERD Fund and fellow columnist Paul Egan connected the NERD Fund only has one employee, to date.

Furthermore, the Center for Ethics and Responsibly in Washington (CREW) cited Snyder along with 17 other State Chief Executive Officers as "America's Most Corrupt Governors" -- to watch -- list on July 17, 2013.

It's high time for all of Michigan Media to do their job of investigating all the sordid details leading up to Detroit's Bankruptcy filing. As State Citizens would expect for non-bias, not brought, or purchased experienced Journalists, to do.

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