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Friday, June 28, 2013

Op/Ed: Lolo Jones repugnant tweet on Rachel Jeantel testimony, shows the 'track star' needs a lesson in cultural history

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A IU News & Talk Op/Ed

Lori "Lolo" Jones. How disrespectful of you to use your favorited resource of twitter to make a lame and reprehensible
 statement about 19 year old teenager Rachel Jeantel.

Exactly who in the
African-American community  --only by your Father's heritage James Jones you are a part of --  granted you the credence to judge a young woman? 

Jeantel was the second person to speak with murder victim Trayvon Martin before his untimely demise. The last person voicing words to Martin was the person ended his life on Earth, George Zimmerman.

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In the African-American community deep wounds still exist over a slavery era practice of the "House Negro versus the Field Negro". As a resident of Louisiana for many years Ms. Jones, we're sure you know "House Negroes" stayed at the plantation owners' residence for the sole duty of serving the "master".

Many cases, these slaves were of lighter skin, fairer hair and were treated better than "Field Negroes" on a general basis.

It was rare "House and Field Negroes" interacted or developed cooperative relationships during these times. Usually because if such relationships developed, the "House Negro" would face similar treatment as the "Field Negro" -- working for hours upon hours, days upon days in the hot field in conditions similar to experiencing hell on Earth.

Ms. Jones the ethnic "color or class line" described by the Late Malcolm X on January 23, 1963, 200+ years later continue to hang over the African-American community. This is why your "Tweet" was utterly disrespectful to Rachel Jeantel and Martin's grieving parents but to the ethnic history of African-Americans, as a whole.

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Jeantel's testimony detailing the last moments of 17 year-old Martin's life was difficult enough for her to describe. "You don't understand. You don't understand," Jeantel decried while speaking to Zimmerman's Attorney Don West, upon drilling the 19 year-old young lady about details on what Martin said shortly before his death.

Yet, somewhere you Ms. Jones found the fortitude to make a ill advised tweet describing a desire to make a DVD of Jeantel's testimony in your words caled, "Madea goes to court". This is not the first time 140 characters on Twitter written by you, have placed a serious question mark over your ability to display a level of tactfulness, as an October 2012 USA Today article cited.

"American hurdler Lolo Jones received an unusual, lighthearted request on her Twitter page recently. "Want to race me," read the note from Eric LeGrand, the inspirational Rutgers football player who was paralyzed in a 2010 game. 
Jones had never heard of LeGrand or looked at his avatar, which features a picture of him sitting in a wheelchair, and wrote back, "get checked for a concussion. clearly u've been hit in the head... cos u arent beating a track athlete." 
Olympian Lolo Jones basically just talked smack to a man in a wheelchair.
It was that sort of quick-trigger, unfunny messaging that got Lolo into hot water the last time she sent a thoughtless tweet."
Or the second time.....

From Yahoo News - 'Lolo Jones thinks Americans should do well in ‘da gun shooting competition - June 28, 2012 by Chris Chase

"Continuing our lesson of why athletes should never tweet, may we present Lolo Jones, the American hurdler who gained social media fame earlier this year after she revealed she's a 29-year-old virgin. Jones is in London preparing for next week's 100-meter hurdles. In the interim, she's been keeping up to date on the progress of Team USA, including the narrow loss by the archery team to Italy in the gold-medal round. 
That defeat compelled Ms. Jones to get on Twitter and post a message to her 189,000 followers."

In fact, its' more like the third time....

At this point Ms. Jones you need to stay off Twitter and leave all incidents of using 140 typewritten characters completely alone. Or maybe those disgusted with your "tweets" will feel a need to contact the sponsors supplying revenue to your track and field career like McDonalds. Red Bull, Oakley Sunglasses, BP Oil, Procter and Gamble, Asics, Tiwnlab, Floraglo and D.I.S.C.

Who knows, in the end maybe members of the public grown sick and tired of your attention seeking antics might decide the next stage of your career, for you.

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