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Friday, June 21, 2013

Op/Ed: Hopes Come True: Netroots Nation will visit Detroit, Michigan in 2014

Photo Credit - Facebook/Monica RW
It all started with an idea....

Seriously, at times, the owner of this blog Monica RW (Ross-Williams) have ideas in her head which she writes down either online or otherwise and express. In this case, Independent Underground News & Talk staff was not able to attend Netroots Nation.

Reason number one being a requirement to attend work -- highly appreciated after nearly two years of being an 99er (Long-Term Unemployed/Underemployed American previously exhausted from Federal Unemployment Extensions) without a full-time job.

The second occurrence tied into our inability to attend Netroots Nation in San Jose, CA this year was directly tied into the first reason. As previously being without our former middle class income for a extended period of time, to date we are still catching up with bills due from being unemployed/underemployed.

Despite our personal situation as described briefly above, we have managed to maintain this Independent-Left ideology based lending blog and weekly podcast Independent Underground Radio LIVE (formerly ROJS Radio LIVE) since 2010. Operating both areas of alternative news and media under a shoestring budget, off of a firm belief the Public in Michigan, our Nation and citizenry around the World desire a medium for unbought, raw and opinionated written and verbal works presented from a "common-sense" point-of-view.

Photo Credit - Monica RW
Owner of Independent Underground News & Talk - Monica RW
with Jim Dean Chairman of Democracy for America at
Netroots Nation in 2012, Providence, Rhode Island
But, back to the idea. On Thursday, June 20th, a bit down in the dumps -to say the very least- of not being able to attend Netroots Nation as we did in 2012 via Providence, Rhode Island thanks to a wonderful scholarship on behalf of the Democracy for America Organization, we decided to write. Specifically, visit Netroots Nation Facebook Page and ask or in our heart - BEG - for the Daily Kos affiliated team of location planners to consider bringing Netroots Nation to the "D" or Detroit, Michigan.

We had no idea exactly where in the United States Netroots Nation would choose for its' 2014 conference. Furthermore, Independent Underground News & Talk was in no position of possible influence either being located over 2000 miles away from the biggest progressive blogging conference in the World. Yet, we had a dream centered around, "Ask and you what seek MIGHT be received".

Imagine our shock today when we seen this:

Photo Credit - Netroots Nation 2014 Page
WOO HOO!! Netroots Nation is coming to the "D" in 2014!!! 

Instead of first focusing us, our minds immediately thought about all the great bloggers in or near Southeastern Michigan who finally will have an opportunity to attend this great Conference, if they so choose.

Bloggers like Jeremiah Bannister and Autumn Smith over at Paleo who stories about Battle Creek's Police Department corruption represents one of the greatest pieces of citizen journalistic work of this year, hands down. Voice of Detroit's Diane Bukowski who has done the best work in the state, without much deserved fanfare, on the City's fight against Emergency Management.

Motor City Muckraker journalist/blogger Steve Nealing and his team who bring on a near daily basis must read -- don't miss citizen journalism at its finest -- about Detroit and State related politics. Unemployment/Citizen activist, blogger for Unified Jobs for America, radio host and one of the originators for the nationwide 99er movement -- Rhonda Taylor, along with being a dear, dear friend.

Since Netroots Nation will visit the "D" next year --just in time for Michigan's critical 2014 election cycle where state residents will decide to keep Governor Rick Snyder (R) and State Republicans "Ultra-Corporatism" political strategies or send them a one way ticket out of our Lansing Capitol-- all of the above mentioned citizen journalists and more can experience this conference!

Netroots Nation Conference Location Planners -- THANK YOU! The "D" is mighty proud to welcome you  to "The Automobile Capital of World" in July 2014. See you next year!

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