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Friday, June 28, 2013

Op/Ed: Confusion for Detroit's Voters at play as Mike Duggan decides to now run as a Write-In Candidate

Photo Credit - The Detroit Free Press
Write-In Candidate for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan (in Middle)

A IU News & Talk Op/Ed:

In a massive "I was going to run, before removal, heck no I'm not going to be a write-in candidate and now I changed my mind moment", the Detroit Free Press announced on Friday morning June 28th, former Detroit Mayoral ballot named candidate Mike Duggan will launch a write-in campaign.

Sounds confusing? Just try and follow this ever continuing story.Former Wayne County

Prosecutor Mike Duggan appears to be a bit flip-floppy to say the least. 

Photo Credit - Tom Barrow/Detroit News
First, with Duggan's candidacy, his name was scheduled to appear on August 6th primary ballot. Then based a rightful challenge on residency, by Detroiter and fellow candidate for Mayor Tom Barrow with the City Charter, it did not. 

Duggan challenging his self-perceived rights as a person who moved to Detroit from Livonia, Michigan with a sole intent of running for Mayor on April 2, 2013, decided to take the challenge to the Michigan Supreme Court so it was believed. Yet, Duggan decided against engaging in this actions after two courts rightfully ruled he did not met the charter requirements.

Next, Duggan clearly stated he did not intent on launching a "Write-In Candidacy".

Now, in our opinion a write-in candidacy is exactly what Duggan should have done once finding out he did NOT meet Detroit City Residence Requirements. Instead a choice was made by either Duggan or his campaign staff to drag his clear failure on meeting Detroit Charter Residency Requirements in unnecessary Court fight -- costing time and money. The latest word is that Mike Duggan has changed his mind again and will be a write in candidate.

All of the above drama would be down right hilarious to an outsider looking in, except for the fact Detroit as a City designed for its residents to prosper, grow and excel within are being used as pawns in this drama.

So what is going on here? Lets' think about it. 

Detroit has lost in the past two weeks THREE of the NINE members of its' City Council. Unelected Emergency Manager Kevin Orr is probably in the process of dismantling the City PROMISED pension guarantees to retiree's, selling off City assets such as Belle Isle, Water/Lighting Departments, DDOT and more. City Residents are stuck with an inattentive Mayor Dave Bing who fails at addressing Detroit's semantic issues.

Is Duggan's latest flip-flop a distraction of sorts?

Frankly, to have Detroiters minds all over the place, while the City as they know it, is sold for pennies on the dollar to corporate bidders. Something strange indeed is going on in Detroit.

Oh and on top of all of this mess the City Council President Charles Pugh just had his pay and benefits stripped by Orr. The City Council President is engaged in a lawsuit alleging he 'seduced' a teen which he was mentoring.

Former City Council Member Pro-Tem Gary Brown, just took at $200K plus per year salaried job to work with, guess who Kevin Orr as a "Deputy Emergency Manager. Another City Council member Kwame Kenyatta resigned on June 19th, due to health issues and utter disgust with a unelected form of management nearly leaving the elected City Council, powerless.

Now for a Phil Collins moment in the song "Air of the Night". Listen to the lyrics.

Again, something weird is going on here and Detroit's Residents would be wise to TAKE NOTICE.
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