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Monday, June 24, 2013

Independent Underground News & Talk launches "Donate a $1.00 to IU" fundraising campaign

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The staff of Independent Underground huddled our heads together in an attempt to generate revenue for both our podcast -- MICHIGAN TOP POLITICO PODCAST - Independent Underground Radio LIVE and this site IU News & Talk. To be frank, past campaigns to launch donations have had a mixed measure of success. So, using business based strategy priniciples, we decided to practice the "ask, inform, hopefully receive" model of request with this post. Here we go....


Independent Underground believes in a sound theory of real, raw, independent citizen journalism. Columns at this site are penned either in the form of Op/Ed's (quite often) or news. In Michigan media, what's missing frankly is journalism (professional or citizen based) within an agenda. By the last word of our previous sentence, it does not mean IU does not ever display "common-sense" bias in our articles. Of course we do and when written, these works are labeled what they are: Op/Ed's.

Groupthink labels of defining IU as having either a deep "Liberal" or "Conservative" ideology would not apply at this resource. We frequency criticize what the politico world would label as Republicans, and equality have no problem providing analysis of Democratic policies harmful to Michigan's or the Nations Middle and Lower economic classes.

To keep IU's raw form of citizen journalism a mainstay, and to expand this resource, it takes some form of monetary revenue to pay bloggers, guest writers, IU Radio LIVE podcast show staff and the like. We understand times are either financially tight or difficult for the populace our media resource stands for -- again Michigan's and America's Middle or Lower economic classes.

With such in our pow-wow Sunday, we decided launch a "Donate a $1 to IU Campaign". Basically, our theory is based on this. If you, our readers enjoy an article on this site, or podcast or a informative guest on the show "Donate $1.00 a to IU" a month or more (Independent Underground) to assist with our operations. If you would like to donate more than a $1, we would appreciate it but $1 is all we are asking.

Independent Underground News & Talk or IU News & Talk has been around parts of Michigan's lower mitten since 2010. We were Reach Out Job Search (ROJS) News when launched in April 2010, we shorten the name to ROJS News, then changed it on a suggestion to Independent Underground in October 2012. Today, Independent Underground News & Talk owned by ROJS Media, LLC.

Why were we called Reach Out Job Search? Good question!

The owner of this blog Monica RW was one of many victims in America's unemployment crisis in 2008. As a previous 99er (long-term unemployed/unemployed citizen exhausted from federal employment extensions) Monica's previous written works on behalf of America's Job Seekers led her to Washington, D.C. in February 2010, invited by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-California), along with a group of 99er advocates to lobby for HR 589.

Monica quickly begin to connect that politics, unemployment/unemployment and economic issues were "interconnected parts" so-to-speak. Thus she launched former ROJS Radio LIVE (now Independent Underground Radio LIVE) in October 2010. Over 300 podcast later via the Blog Talk Radio Network, IU Radio LIVE has interviewed over 400 job search, political and advocacy experts, including a former candidate for President of the United States - former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (L).

Independent Underground News & Talk will continue bringing our readers and listeners Common-Sense Politico" point of view on important issues in Michigan and Nationally, into the foreseeable future.

Hopefully Receive:
As noted above IU has officially launched our "Donate $1.00 to IU" campaign. If you are a regular or occasional reader of IU News & Talk articles, or listener to IU Radio LIVE if you can pledge to donate a $1.00 at least monthly to IU, we would highly appreciate it. Of course, if you would like to donate more -- that would be great!

Donations received will assist IU with expanding writers on the website, hiring staff for the podcast and expanding both resources operations in general. As always, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas let us know by email. We love to hear from you! Also, join into our growing Facebook Fan Page or follow us (we'll follow you back) on Twitter @IUNewsTalk.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to continue serving your Independent Citizen Journalism needs!

"Donate a $1.00 to IU" today at the link below!

Independent Underground Radio LIVE is Michigan's TOP POLITICO PODCAST with over 15K monthly podcast listeners and growing!
Join into our active Facebook Fan Page Here--> if you support this cause!
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