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Friday, June 7, 2013

IU News & Talk Guest Post - If you're OK with revelations of NSA snooping, you're part of the problem

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English: Diagram of Total Information Awareness system designed by the Information Awareness Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Independent Underground News & Talk - Guest Post

By Democratic Underground Member - Disgustipated in CA

If you're not surprised that the NSA was found to have been data mining millions of Verizon phone records, congratulations--you're a sentient being. None of us should be surprised. Every last one of us, however, should still be outraged. 

If you find yourself shifting blame to congress, you're part of the problem. 

If you find yourself posting about how the 'baggers should have been outraged when they found out about Bush's NSA spying, you've lowered yourself to the point where you're competing with near-primates. 

If you're busy posting about Glen Greenwald's ego, or contending that he's lying, you're avoiding the inevitable, and you're a part of the problem. 

If you're doing everything you can to berate those who are angry at this news, you're craven. 

If your line of defense for Total Information Awareness includes pointing out at every turn that this was call data and not the actual voice recordings, please let me know so that I can consider ignoring you forever. And then send John Poindexter a thank you note, letting him know you appreciate everything he's done. 

If you are harping on the inevitable nature of our spying apparatus, saying that everyone's known for years we've been spied on and that to be angry now constitutes an overreaction, you're sliding down a slippery slope, and your motives are suspect. 

If you happened to actually notice in the Guardian or NYT that the warrant covers Verizon Business customers and not Verizon home or cell users, congratulations on your careful reading. Oh and by the way, would you care to wager about the existence of FISA warrants for Verizon cell users and AT&T users? I'll take that bet. 

If you think that the President doesn't bear ultimate responsibility for this travesty, you're hurting this country in favor of worshiping the cult of personality. 

If you're more concerned with Freepers' and Teabaggers' reactions than you are with the actual spying, you have no place at the table with those who attempt to hew to an ethical code of living. 

And if you (oh my god I actually saw this on DU) end up telling other DUers that if they haven't done anything wrong on the phone, they have nothing to worry about, you're at somewhere less than zero. 

There's a significant amount of spinning at DU this (Thursday, June 6, 2013) in favor of the NSA and the Administration. What the NSA has done is inexcusable, and I'd urge people to remember that, and to remember that there are things that are ultimately more important than a sense of having "won" something in the political arena.
Well said Disgustipated in CA, VERY WELL SAID!!!

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