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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Episode 301 - Guest Michigan State Senator Bert Johnson 6/18 @ 11am ET - Independent Underground Radio LIVE

Photo Credit - Senator Bert Johnson (D-Detroit)

UPDATE @ 11:30 am ET-June 18, 2013-Our interview today with State Senator Bert Johnson will be RESCHEDULED due to work in the State Senate on Medicaid Expansion with the Affordable Health Care Act. We will notify our listeners on the rescheduling date on our Facebook Page Independent Underground News & Talk.

Tune into Independent Underground Radio LIVE --MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST- Tuesday, June 18th program @ 11am ET SHARP.

On today's episode # 301 we are pleased to welcome as our exclusive guest State Senator Bert Johnson (D-Detroit) discussing the investigation of Michigan's highly controversial "Educational Achievement Authority", along with state Republicans refusal in their latest budget to invest public schools, disadvantaged families and favoring corporate tax cuts over sound economic growth.

Other topics to be discussed includes:

* President Barack Obama doubles down on his NSA domestic spying program as his approval rating dips below 50% & with Independents below 40%. Are Americans after reveals of NSA spying programs finished with so-called Hope & Change?

*SCOUTS latest ruling continues are eroding away your Miranda Rights, as the right to remain silent can be now used AGAINST you. What's going on with attacking the 4th Amendment lately in D.C.? We'll discuss.

Independent Underground Radio LIVE is a FEATURED BTR Political Talk podcast based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan covering Michigan and National Politics, job search, breaking news and more. Host Monica R-W is an owner/writer for the popular I.U. News website, and brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day. 

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