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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Episode 297 - Guest LuAnne Kozma - Ban Michigan Fracking; 'Stop Stupid Michigan Laws' Discussion - IU Radio LIVE 6/6 @ 11am ET

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Independent Underground Radio LIVE - Show Notes

We cannot keep up this week. Can you? If you're a Michigander like we are, questions can easily be rising to the top of your head on if its' worth continuing to stay here in light of pending legislation purposed or supported by both Elected Republicans and Democrats Officials out of Lansing's Capitol building in this State.

On Independent Underground Radio LIVE we'll discuss the following topics welcome guest LuAnne Kozma the founder of Ban Michigan Fracking to discuss the organization voter initiative drive to ban fracking which can be harmful to human health on at 12:15 pm ET.
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Other topics set to be discussed on IU Radio LIVE:

State Representative David Rutledge (D-Ypsilanti) and Bill Rogers (R-Brighton) working together to co-sponsor legislation which could force up to 49 public school districts in Michigan to close and consolidate with their regional Intermediate School District (ISD).
"Insolvent school districts could be shut down and their students sent to neighboring districts within three weeks under bipartisan legislation proposed by two Michigan lawmakers. 
State Reps. David Rutledge, D-Ypsilanti, and Bill Rogers, R-Brighton, introduced a bill last week to allow the state to dissolve districts that run out of cash. This week, they're working on a draft substitute bill that would require state officials to dissolve a school district that can't implement its deficit reduction plan or a district that can't operate for an entire school year. 
Under the bill, students would be sent to other districts within their county's Intermediate School District, but the dissolved district's debt would remain with local taxpayers, Rutledge said. The insolvent district would keep its taxing authority until the debt is paid. 
"What this does is, it gets kids moved to another public school district, and it does it quickly," Rutledge said."

The proposed legislation is disappointing at best and shocking at worst. Covered extensively on local news resource Ann by Journalist - Danielle Arndt, the merger of Ypsilanti/Willow Run Schools into "Ypsilanti Community Schools" -operated by Washtenaw Intermediate School District, has not been smooth or efficient effort thus far.

Is consolidating or closing districts the answer to solve fiscal budgetary woes of Michigan Public Schools? What about the estimated $12 billion dollars of taxpayer revenue that exist in Lansing for the sole purpose of financing Michigan Schools?

Is "Proposal A" that was designed to properly finance school districts across Michigan on a equal playing field with monetary allocation of revenue allotted by the State's Department of Education, a complete and total failure? We will discuss on Independent Underground Radio LIVE.

Next, Michigan Republican controlled Legislative officials have purposed legislation to dismantle any  city, village, township, county or private business statewide draft policy allotting sick leave to employees; along with raising vehicle registration fees of motorcycles, off-road, electric and fuel efficient vehicles.

"The State Senate on Wednesday passed and sent to the House a bill that would prohibit local units of government from adopting ordinances that would require businesses in their communities to grant paid or unpaid sick days to their workers. 
The sponsor, Sen. Mark Jansen, R-Grand Rapids, says he wants to pre-empt the possibility any city in the state would attempt to impose such a mandate on businesses. Such ordinances have been adopted by San Francisco and three other cities; a few cities also have rejected them. 
Jansen's measure passed 25-13, with Democrats united against it. 
Sen. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, called it "a solution in search of a problem." 
Warren said no Michigan community has considered such an ordinance, but the proposed legislation would "override local control" and dictate even what benefits municipalities can or can't offer their own workers. 
Responded Sen. Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba: "I never hear any conversation about how (such a benefit) is all going to get paid for. 
"I hear talk about local control, but how about private control?" Casperson said. "Why does government have to be making a decision like this?"
Speaking of local control, the Republican Party use to be all about "local control" in a previous life form. Why is Lansing Governmental Official mandating against a private business owner in Michigan decision to draft policies for sick leave to their employees? Who exactly does this purposed legislation help?

Would barring cities, villages, townships and counties from granting sick leave to workers decrease the ever persistent 8.4% unemployment rate in Michigan? We'll debate and discuss this on IU Radio LIVE 6/6/13 @ 11am ET.

Meanwhile, Michigan residents if the purposed increase in vehicle registration fees is passed by Republicans who control the State House and Senate, citizenry riding two-to-three wheel motorcycles, off-road and fuel efficient vehicles will be "punished" for not contributing to the States' crumbing roads.

Budget bills heading to Gov. Rick Snyder include an extra $350 million in one-time money for road maintenance, but Snyder previously called for $1.2 billion a year in new funding and has urged lawmakers to continue considering their options before leaving for summer break. 
The House Transportation Committee did just that on Tuesday, holding testimony on legislation that would increase vehicle registration fees in order to generate more than $200 million in annual revenue for the state. It's part of a larger package that also includes increased fuel taxes levied at the wholesale level. 
"We cannot fix the roads without new money, whether it's a fee or a tax," said state Rep. Wayne Schmidt, R-Traverse City, who chairs the committee. "It's going to come from somewhere. You can't just magically make this stuff up." 
The committee, which has not voted on any of the road funding bills, on Tuesday adopted substitute language specifying potential registration fee increases. Three Democrats voted against the changes, signifying that bipartisan support may be tough to come by moving forward, but vice chair Rep. Marilyn Lane, D-Fraser, voted for each and praised some of the proposals."
Amazingly, again a Democratic official Marilyn Lane (D-Fraser) jumped the line to side with Republicans to add this questionable language onto the proposed legislation. How do motorcycle riders feel in this State about this piece of added "language" especially in light of an average 10-15% increase to motorcycle vehicle insurance costs, after Governor Rick Snyder ended Michigan's long-standing helmet law in 2012?

As gas prices reach $4.29 a gallon or higher in the state, are legislators paying back in a cruel way the owners of fuel efficient vehicles? Furthermore, the meaning of a off-road vehicle is simple: the vehicle does not drive on Michigan roads. If so, why will off-road enthusiasts be made to pay for not driving their vehicles on State Roads?

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