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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Guest Post - Paleo Radio Exclusive Article: On-going corruption and Cover-Ups exist in Battle Creek Police Department

MI - Battle Creek Police
MI - Battle Creek Police (Photo credit: Inventorchris)
Guest Post - PaleoRadio.Us
PaleoRadio’s Jeremiah Bannister and Autumn Smith have uncovered further evidence of cover-ups in the Battle Creek Police Department. Information obtained by PaleoRadio.US reveals yet another incident involving Ofc. Gensch and Ofc. Jennifer Appl–the same officers involved in the July 31, 2012, drunk driving incident widely publicized by various media outlets.

As it turns out, on June 23, 2012, Ofc. Gensch was involved in an automobile accident on I-94 near Helmer Road while driving to work. Ofc. Appl is said to have left her assigned patrolling sector to respond to this incident. Upon arrival, she took control of the situation, relieving Michigan State Police officers who first arrived at the scene.

Accident reports show Appl arriving on the scene at 2219. This, however, appears to be in direct conflict with Gensch’s time-card, which states that he was on-duty at 2200. Gensch’s time-card was signed off by Deputy Chief Jim Saylor. This appears to be in direct violation of Battle Creek Code of Ordinances, Chapter 296.03 (m) and (o), both being listed as dischargeable offenses.
PaleoRadio.US will continue investigating the matter and will be publishing further material as the investigation unfolds.
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