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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breaking: As Detroit's EM Kevin Orr prepares to suspend City Council President Charles Pugh; a lawsuit states Pugh 'seduced' teen

English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan.
English: City seal of Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As Detroit's Emergency Manager Kevin Orr prepares to suspend City Council President Charles Pugh (D) without pay due a request to take weeks of paid medical leave from his elected duties, local news station WDIV - Channel 4 latest report alleges Pugh's absence might be tied to another reason.

Reporter Mara McDonald attended a press conference this evening with a local attorney alleging that Pugh, who is openly gay, 'seduced' former Detroit Public School student. 

The student, 17 years old at the time, legal counsel claims the alleged behavior with the City Council President occurred when Pugh operated a mentoring program out of Douglass Academy,

The teen's attorney claims text messages exist quantifying an alleged relationship existed between Pugh and the former student. 

"A Metro Detroit attorney representing an 18-year-old man and his mother claims Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh had an inappropriate relationship with a student at Douglass Academy.

The attorney says he will not provide copies of texts between Pugh and the teenager and was not willing to elaborate on what Pugh may have written to the teen. During a Wednesday press conference he did, however, say Pugh took the student off campus in a city car and bought him gifts."

Officials from DPS Douglass Academy released a statement stating school official recently learned of the alleged inappropriate texts or relationship from the accusers' Mother. A press release statement by Douglass Academy personnel confirmed school personnel were working with the mother in an attempt to resolve the manner, WDIV reported.

"The mother of a recent Douglass Academy graduate approached the school with concerns regarding her son's mentor. At the time, the school reached out to the parent who stated that she would prefer to handle the matter personally. 
The school has since contacted the parent again in writing seeking to resolve the concerns, and is awaiting a response. The school and the district will fully review the program in question, as would be the case whenever concerns are expressed by a parent."

The former student's attorney also claimed to WDIV during this evening's press conference Detroit Public Schools District did nothing to protect the boy, which DPS officials dispute. 
Pugh, who has been absence from his duties on Detroit City Council for at least two weeks.

According to The Detroit Free Press, after Monday, June 24th formal council session Pugh's 
office staff issued a memo stating the Council President would take medical leave for three to four weeks.

Emergency Manager Kevin Orr's Spokesperson Bill Nowling told the Freep, Pugh would have until 5pm ET June 26th to further explain reasons surrounding his absence or be suspended without pay. 

Presently, it's unknown who will fill Pugh's official duties on Detroit City Council as President. Pro-Tem President Gary Brown resigned from his duly elected position June 26th to take a role as Deputy Emergency Manager under unelected Emergency Manager Kevin Orr's leadership.

WIth President Pugh's pending suspension, Brown resignation and former member Kwame Keynatta resignation from council due to health reasons, the City of Detroit's legislative branch of government is down from nine to six members.

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