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Monday, May 13, 2013

Op/Ed - While the media cries foul over IRS Tea-Party action; NAACP tax audit in 2004 was met with near silence

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We would all agree being subject to scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service can be an intimidating process.

Famous celebrities have been knocked down to "regular citizen" status while the IRS crosses "T's" and dot "I's" on nearly every piece of financial information. The late Redd Foxx, Sammy Davis, Jr., along with R&B crooner Ronald Isley danced a dance with the IRS and lost, just to name a few.

Yet the media is obviously are too darn busy to focus on issues facing real Americans: the high underemployment (U-6) rate of 14%, student loan debtinadequate nature of the U.S. Housing Market, public education falling apart at the seams or the lack of savings of middle and lower economic classes in the USA. Would the corporate media actions be best described as needing another "scandal" in what would be otherwise another boring news cycle? Probably.

Either way, the momentary "buzz" is now focused on how employees at the IRS Processing Office in Cincinnati, Ohio allegedly "targeted" Tea-Party groups seeking to gain 501.c.4 tax-status exemption certification. The Conservative based organizations declare they were targeted due to a deep dislike of President Barack Obama policies, including a vehement opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

These are important facts to remember when the media "echo-chamber"seeks to push the next "Independent Counsel Investigation" lasting until 2014 or 2016 election cycle. Our media resources would lead the public to believe Americans ability to place food on the tables with Congress purposed cuts to the Food Assistance program, is not pertinent enough to talk about. Especially when "underlying race based issues" come into play with the IRS/Tea-Party Targeting story.

Speaking of race and class issues with IRS Auditing procedures, the media would be wise to compare and contrast what happened in 2004, when the National Association of the Advancement of Color People (NAACP) via its' former President Julian Bond was targeted by the IRS for the groups' opposition to the failed Iraq War, if they can find file footage that is. At least Democracy Now Amy Goodman was talking about this targeting effort of the NAACP back then.

From Democracy Now "IRS Investigating NAACP For Criticizing Bush" - November 1, 2004

We searched for other videos denoting what Mr. Bond said at the NAACP's 95th Convention Keynote Speech on July 11, 2004, yet could only come up with this non-embedded clip starting at the 34:12 mark from CSPAN and the following statement as noted in the Associated Press October 29, 2004.
"In that speech, Bond said of the Bush administration: "They preach racial neutrality and practice racial division. They've tried to patch the leaky economy and every other domestic problem with duct tape and plastic sheets. They write a new constitution of Iraq and they ignore the Constitution here at home."
So because of Bond and NAACP's opposition to the War in Iraq, the group in 2004 was audited without much fanfare from the media about how wrong, Unconstitutional and encroaching on the NAACP Free Speech rights these actions where.

Free speech can go both ways. Despite how disgusting the speech could be, people generally still have rights to say it. As long as the words does not threaten a individual, the speech wouldn't be considered criminal in nature. Nevertheless, to say that many members of the public at large would not be offended by some free speech of some Tea Party groups would be frankly, a lie.

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On MSNBC's Chris Matthews Hardball Program today, the panel "tipped into the tea-leaves" President Obama had some sort of 'ESP-type' of knowledge employees at the IRS were "targeting" Tea-Party Organizations 501.c4 tax-exempt status eligibility in some manner. 

In fact, Joe Klein, Howard Fineman and Chris Matthews went as far to suggest the "Tea-Party IRS scandal" could resemble the "Nixon Administration Watergate cover-up in "What did they know and when did they know it" of the early 1970's as the interview went on. Really? Listen below.

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Here we go. It's been awhile since the media had a "scandal" they could ride like a wild horse until the animal is beaten into submission. Similar to former President Bill Clinton impeachment but not removal for his role in the Monica Lewinsky Scandal.

As most Americans are struggling to find or keep a job, stay in their homes or how to pay Sallie Mae after take home pay was cut by 5% to "save costs" for a corporate C.E.O.; the Tea-Party IRS Scandal is most important to cover right now to let media resources tell it.

Ironically, its a shame these same media resources failed to have a "Scandal Fever" when the organization facing IRS scrutiny was the NAACP.

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