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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jeanne Cooper -Iconic Actress and Heart of The Young & The Restless, passed away at 84

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This is one update hit us here at Independent Underground News & Talk, that hit us hard a couple of moments ago checking social media for news and other information.

Saying "Growing up with Jeanne Cooper" is a exact statement, as for over 40 years Ms. Cooper was CBS Soap Opera Young and the Restless, heart and soul.

Earlier today Me. Cooper, better known to her Y&R fans as "The Duchess", "Ms. C." or "The Dame", passed away at the age of 84.

Cooper's son, Actor Corbin Bernsten, wrote the following on his Facebook Page about his Mother's passing:
Just spent three hours saying goodbye. Amazing, amazing time. So peaceful. As each minute passed I watched the years fall from her face until she looked almost childlike. Not a line, not a worry... peaceful. (She would be thrilled!)

Moments of sorrow and tears mixed with stories and laughter - right there, with her. Again, amazing. We all were certain as she was transitioning, she was still there with us, drifting upward, looking down and perhaps saying, "who's got it good now!" I too, oddly, am at peace. You know to be the woman she was, the one we all loved; the Broad, the Dame, The Duchess, Mrs. Chancellor, Wilma Jeanne, mom, there must be an engine working overtime to drive that force sucking in all the good along with the bad, churning.

A locomotive and that fire burning to drive it forward. While we all benefited from this great energy I know it took a toll on her, and was, at times exhausting. That affected me, all of us, knowing it. So to see her so at rest now, free of that, has given us, or at least me, some measure of true comfort. Now she doesn't have to work so hard, her legacy lives on and it's all of us, me, that will have to pick up the slack. I'll repeat what I said this morning; to know my mom you must know this; she was about equality, humility, humanity, love, and empathy - for ALL PEOPLE. Honor her today by tossing aside old habits, hang ups, hate and live for love - for us all.
You have been tremendous here and honestly, as you can see, turning to you means everything to me. Love.
"The Duchess" will be solely missed by all of us at Independent Underground News & Talk. We forward our condolences to Ms. Cooper's family during this difficult time. 

Video of Jeanne Cooper on Y&R, in 2003 during one of her finest acting moments on the show, when character "Katherine Chancellor" finds out "Jill Foster Abbott" was (at that point, later corrected) Katherine's daughter.

Rest in Peace - Mrs. C.

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