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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bachmann Out: Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann will not seek re-election

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Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R) will not
seek a fifth term, she announced on her website
Bubble eyes is out of the race. We are talking about Michelle Bachmann (R) of course. Whether it is the on-going investigation into what happened with monetary funding during her former Presidential race or early polls showing that she had much as a possibly to win re-election as a 80-degree day in Minnesota in January, Bachmann won't be serving a fifth term in Congress.

From the Associated Press - Rep. Bachmann says she won't run for re-election - May 29, 2013
Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, a conservative firebrand and a favorite of tea party Republicans, said Wednesday she will not run for another term in the U.S. House. Bachmann, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination last year, announced her decision in a video on her website. 
"My decision was not influenced by any concerns about my being re-elected," Bachmann said. She narrowly won a fourth term in 2012 over Democrat Jim Graves, a hotel chain founder who is running again in 2014.
Bachmann, who barely won her 2012 re-election bid against Jim Graves (D) raised $23 million dollars during the campaign but only managed to edge out a 1% won against the less-funded opponent. Graves has announced his intend to run for the now open Congressional seat in 2014.

As for what Michelle Bachmann will do with her life outside of Congress? We're sure Bachmann can consult with former Florida Congressman Alan West (R) to be the main spokesperson for "tea party" politics or determine ways to keep her former Presidential Campaign Chief of Staff, Andy Parrish from talking to the FBI. Either way, Bachmann will not be missed!

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1 comment :

Monica RW said...

Thank our lucky stars she's leaving. As a Minn. resident, Michelle Bachmann was a embarrassment to have in Congress!

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