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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project Skunk Works part 2, as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appoints State Education Chief Flanagan to new 'task group'

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Here we go again are the best words that can be used to describe this. 

As we reported earlier today, in our Op/Ed article, "The fix is in - Michigan's Free Public Education System in is near EKG flat line status - unless Residents fight back", right on Independent Underground News & Talk, Michigan's Department of Education Superintendent Mike Flanagan disbanded the rancid smelling "project skunk works" -- focused on instilling "Low-Value School Vouchers" Michigan. 

Well less than 24 hours later and with a non-smelly name, Governor Rick Snyder has appointed Superintendent Flanagan again, with the task of "low-valuing" Michigan K-12 education, just this time without the "voucher" talk, they promise for now.

From the Associated Press /MLive News Wire - April 24, 2013 - 'Mich. school chief to lead education work group':
Michigan's public education chief will oversee a public work group aimed at developing ways to better integrate technology in state schools. Superintendent Mike Flanagan told the Michigan School Business Officials on Wednesday that he's accepted Gov. Rick Snyder's invitation to head the group.

Snyder asked Flanagan to lead the effort after another work group to develop a lower cost education funding model drew criticism for its behind-the-door meetings. The Detroit News says that the model's funding mechanism resembles school vouchers. Documents say the aim is to create a "value school" that costs $5,000 per child annually to operate.
The saying if at first we --as in Michigan's Corporate Republicans along with suppose "Bipartisan" Miracle worker Flanagan--  don't succeed, try, try again doesn't apply here, we don't know exactly when and where it should.

Yet School Chief Flanagan promises with fingers crossed, says this group will only focus on reducing school technology costs -- key up the words CYBER- Corporate for Profit SCHOOLS-- according to a later MLive Report this evening.

From the article on M-Live - April 24, 2013 - ''Skunk works' scuttled? Michigan schools chief Mike Flanagan to lead technology discussion"
Michigan’s superintendent of public instruction – said today he’s accepted an invitation from Gov. Rick Snyder to take the lead in discussions on integrating technology into public education.

“The governor still is very interested in studying how current and future technologies can improve education delivery and outcomes for Michigan students,” Flanagan said Wednesday, according to a press release from the Michigan Department of Education. “At my urging, I believe the governor felt these issues are best served by being in an open and public process, and he asked me to be directly involved.”
Kind of like making the facts disappear that Michigan School Chief Flanagan was not "involved", you know, before.

From the Oxford Foundation - Michigan, November 5, 2012 Memorandum:
"Mike Flanagan has been generous is making his staff available to discuss the concepts we are considering. Their technical knowledge is vital to assuring that what we propose is consistent with federal law and regulations. (They, of course, reserve the right to make their own conclusions regarding the wisdom of the proposals.)"
Meanwhile in the effort to "kill the monetary resource" for free public education still exist in Michigan as Senate and House Republicans added a merger 2% increase to the State's Public Education budget. Let's not forget in 2011, these same public service employees by election took $900 million dollars out of Michigan Public Schools "Rainy Day Fund"  to grant $1.8 billion dollars of tax cuts to their C & S Corporation friends and possible family members.

Here's what Michigan State House Representative Brandon Dillon (D-Grand Rapids) had to say on this Facebook page about the tiny 2% increase to State Education.
"Plain and simple, this budget is not an INVESTMENT budget.  An investment budget would do more than just maintain the funding decay that our schools have experienced in the last two years. And an investment budget would not raid another $400 million from K-12 schools to help fill the $1.8 billion tax cut hole," Michigan House Rep. Brandon Dillon wrote.

"Instead of keeping faith with the public's desire to see state dollars prioritized for education, my colleagues and the Governor have chosen to use school aid fund dollars as a venture capital slush fund to help corporations and CEO's instead of the students in our communities."
We wholly agree Representative Dillon.

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