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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mike Duggan, Roy Roberts Complicit and Ignorance Claim a Cover-Up, says Detroit Candidate for Mayor Tom Barrow

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Press Release - Tom Barrow for Mayor of Detroit Campaign

DETROIT (APRIL 27) ---- Announced mayoral candidate Tom Barrow last evening wasted no time in denouncing Mike Duggan and Roy Roberts' claims of ignorance of the secret $6 million of loans obtained from the cash-strapped Detroit Public Schools.

The illegal DPS loan was made to its state-financed Education Achievement Authority competitor according to last evening's Detroit News.

The loan was to meet EAA's payroll, pay delinquent vendors and its operating costs all while EFM Roberts cries that DPS is broke and has a debt estimated at more than $327 million.

"Duggan and Roberts are openly complicit in this illegal transaction or each is incompetent and should be removed or resign. The public has lost trust and confidence in each" said Barrow, 64, "as EAA Board and Executive Committee members, for each to sit quiet or claim they were out of the loop is not only absurd but smells of a potential corruption as they attempt to cover themselves politically. It shows that their conflicted loyalties are clearly to their appointing master and not to the children of Detroit."
Mike Duggan, current candidate for Mayor, moved into the City to run for Detroit's highest elected office a year ago. Prior to Duggan's decision to run for Mayor, he was appointed as a Executive Committee member of Educational Achievement Authority board (EAA), overseeing for-profit charter educational schools in Detroit by Republican Governor, Rick Snyder. Roy Roberts is the current head of Detroit Public Schools under the authority of the Emergency Financial Manager law,  member of the Educational Achievement Authority Board and was also appointed by Gov. Snyder. 
"As joint high-level Executive Committee members, their own failures to provide for and meet payroll, pay vendors or cover basic EAA operating expenses and then claim they were ignorant of the need or existence of the illegal loan is an act of corruption which should be investigated by DPS Inspector General Wilbert Van Marsh along with state Attorney General Robert Schutte." Barrow demanded.
Barrow decried the use of DPS's much-needed public funds being taken to finance the private, selective and non-union competitor operated as the EAA.
"It is clear to the blind that Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts and Mike Duggan and the EAA are operating a financial shell-game that hurts our kids and furthers Detroit's continued slide," declared accountant Barrow, an expert in municipal and school finance, "to cure their own cash-flow problems, EAA and DPS engage in secret swaps to take money from the strapped public system despite EAA's own operations being guaranteed by state appropriations, money which fundamentally belongs to the DPS in the first place if EAA did not exist."  
"Both Duggan and Roberts should resign as their positions are in direct and clear conflict with DPS. As EAA board members and no with proven incompetence, hiding sinister and nefarious transactions from the public and depriving Detroit's public school system of sorely needed money and resources cannot be simply be ignored", he concluded. 
Tom Barrow, the first African-American and individual appointed by former Michigan Governor William Milliken to the State Board of Accountancy, is a Certified Public Accountant. Additionally, Barrow is Chairman of the non-profit Citizens for a Better Future and owner of the accounting firm Barrow and Aldridge in Detroit, Michigan.

Barrow who appeared as a guest on Michigan's Top Politico Podcast, Independent Underground Radio LIVE discussing "Detroit True Financials" status  on March 12, 2013, in light of Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder (R) decision to appoint Emergency Financial Manager Kevin Orr a former Washington D.C. based lawyer, to manage Detroit's monetary operations.

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