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Monday, March 18, 2013

Op/Ed - After Rightful Convictions in the Steubenville Ohio case; 'internet justice' seekers call for more punishment for the crime

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Internet justice. Maybe because we've previously been a victim of it, we're so strongly against it. Maybe due to previous history working in Correctional system, an understanding exist that rehabilitation is the last thing a convicted criminal learns in Prison. 

Maybe because of a true belief in sentencing Minor Aged Criminals as Juveniles, and other Criminals over the age of 17 as adults. Maybe we hope that our society is not so lost that convicted juveniles with proper treatment can show remorse for their crime and change the negative behavior, instead of becoming better Criminals in the Adult Prison System.

We need to be consistent. We can't decry the State of Texas sentencing an 16-year-old convicted murder to the death penalty and launch a "vengeance will be mines internet justice" campaign against the State of Ohio who followed its statutory laws convicting juveniles, as juveniles.

Yet, this is what we've seen, read and been a bit disturbed by as internet justice opiners far and wide have stated the Convicted Rapists Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond in the Steubenville, OH case deserve to be killed after their rightful convictions or worse hung at the stake, next. Yes, we have seen this on various internet comment boards.

Being consistent is important. If these two Juveniles convicted Criminals have not learned that vile sexual attacks on a young Woman --the Victim Jane Doe-- is offensive, criminal and extreme wrong after serving their individual sentences; karma most likely than not send them back to prison not that many years after release. Ironically, this time as one or both of them would be Convicted Criminal Adults, no "Internet Vengeance Justice" campaigns will be required. 

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