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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Op/Ed: Ramblings, explanations and other politico life events

IU News Talk Op/Ed
By: Monica RW

It's been awhile! Frankly I truly missed writing my ramblings, stories and articles. Yet, yes the driving force behind this little source of Independent Media is back. So, let me explain what happened and why I was away for a bit.

As most of the readers of this blog know for the past two years I've been studying HARD to receive my Master's in Business Administration Degree in Organizational Leadership from a local University. For the last six weeks I have been heavily engaged in a class called Graduate Finance.

To say it was the most difficult course I've ever taken in years of higher education experience is a understatement. To be honest, Graduate Statistics seemed like a cakewalk in comparison. Either way, Finance is less than two days from being done and over for my MBA, and boy did I miss my typing thoughts, opinions, ideas and more in the form of written dictation.

There are at least three stories that we'll be offering our opinions on in the next couple of days. If you haven't heard as it has been under-reported in the USA version of corporate media --with the exception of ABC News-- a Mother holding her crying young Son during a flight was told to, "shut that n*****r baby up, end quote, and the child was SLAPPED by that same passenger. As you can probably assume from the idiot based verbiage and assault, the baby was of mixed race -- African-American and Caucasian-- and the person using such foul language to a child was totally Caucasian. We'll share our ramblings on this incident shortly.

Readers of this blog and listeners of Independent Underground Radio LIVE were warned State Republicans along with Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder (R) during 2011 engaged a Robin Hood in reverse scheme with Michigan's 2012 1040 Tax Returns. For many, the chickens or broken eggs are coming home to roost, as the average middle class state resident is paying anywhere from $700-$3000 more the State Coffers instead of receiving interest gains on their tax refund via in Savings, Individual Retirement Accounts and/or Money Market CD's. 

To say State Residents have been gorged by our elected Corporate Republicans in sheep's clothing is an understatement. We'll detail again each of the deductions (formerly known as credits) we know of, previously on the Michigan 1040 Tax Return taken away from you, to benefit rich CEO's, CFO, CIO's and the top 10% annual income earners in this State.

President Barack Obama cannot do anything right! That's a joke on our behalf, really. Although we disagree with the President at times, he has done a decent job for the last four years and two months considering that the last two years plus President Obama has had to deal with an Republican House, along with many "GOP leaders" in our U.S. Senate who seem to deeply dislike his half-African-American heritage. Yet when these attacks come from those who are paid, literally, to be a corporate media paid mouthpiece for the President we're a little bit taken back. 

On MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry show, Ms. Harris-Perry, Ph.D took President Obama to task because he mentioned during a speech in Chicago earlier this week, as a follow up to the sad murder of Hadiya Pendleton, he was raised in a single parent household by a Caucasian Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother. Ms. Harris-Perry, Ph.D problem with the President's Speech is that he denoted his Fatherless childhood in front of a primarily African-American audience along with noting to the audience his belief a married two-parent family should be the mainstay.

The MSNBC host who made a Tweet about her thoughts on President Obama's speech late last week, took to her Corporate Media show to complain about those who disagreed with her 140 character ramblings. Here's a logical question. Was Ms. Harris-Perry, Ph.D bothered at all President Obama did not personally attend the late Ms. Pendleton's funeral service and sent First Lady Michelle Obama instead? We've no idea, but theTweet and all of its' fallout will be examined in a upcoming blog post.

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