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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Op/Ed - Michigan's Middle Class Republicans -- You have been played

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IU News & Talk Op/Ed

We wish it was a better way to say it but, its' not. Michigan Middle Class Republicans, you have been played. 

The Corporate Republicans that control our State Capitol House and Senate used your inherent benefits of "low taxes, small government" to raise your taxes and expand government. We know, you don't believe us but let's look at the facts.

With the Right to Work for Less Law, Governor Rick Snyder magically created a new State Department to monitor employers compliance with the Statue set to start in April 2013. Yet, the purposed day of reckoning for Michigan Unions might very well end up dragged out in Federal and State Courts for years to come.

Union lawsuit: Michigan's right-to-work law does not apply to state workers - MLIVE - February 20, 2013:

"Michigan's new right-to-work law should not apply to roughly 35,000 unionized state employees, according to a lawsuit filed last week by a coalition of labor unions.

The civil complaint, filed Thursday with the Michigan Court of Appeals, seeks a formal declaration that the law infringes upon the right of the Michigan Civil Service Commission to regulate conditions of employment for state employees, as granted by the state constitution.

"I think it's pretty cut and dry," said Michael Cavanaugh, an attorney working the case for the Michigan State Employees Association AFSCME Local 5. "There's a long history of Michigan courts indicating that the Civil Service Commission has exclusive rights to oversee collective bargaining agreements on behalf of state employees."

Other plaintiffs in the case include the United Auto Workers, Michigan Corrections Organization, Michigan Public Employees and Michigan State Employees Association. Combined, they represent more than 31,000 of the state employees."

Guess what that means for you. More of your earned income, in the form of taxes will go to defend the State of Michigan in various judicial houses near and far when Right to Work for less really wasn't needed in our State to began with.

Speaking of your taxes, the Corporate Republicans in Lansing not only have decreased any over-payment you might have expected off the State Income Tax Return 1040 form literally performed a Robin Hood scheme in reverse. Gave a $1.8 billion dollar tax break to the rich, by taxing poor you, plenty.

Let's discuss these tax increases, shall we.

Cut from your annual deductions on your 2012 State Taxes, gutted in 2011 were the following:

-Michigan Child Income Tax Deduction for children under the age of 18

-Michigan Homestead Income Tax Deduction (This was Cut by 70-80%)

-Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (From a maximum of $650 dollars to $50.00)

-Unemployment Insurance Credit Deduction (Yes, if you're unemployed or got it TWICE)

-State Deduction (Credit) to Charities - (Give money to your local Non-Profit in 2012, you can't get a credit for it in 2013)

-Senior/Retiree Tax Credit - If you have an annuity, pension or are withdrawing from a 401K, IRA, ROTH IRA & are under the age of 64, you will pay starting this year and other years ahead a TAX on your retiree benefit. This is a progressive tax and your retiree income you earned from working 20, 30, 40, 50 years. The tax percentage will go up the younger you are and decide to retire in Michigan, later

-Deduction (Credits) for attending certain Michigan Institutions of Higher Education. On your 2011 State Tax 1040, if you attended about 17 or so selected State Community Colleges and Universities, you received a tax credit. This year, you will not.

-Deduction (Credits) for donations to certain Community Funds (Non-Profits). This is a bit different than the charity deduction (Credit). If you gave annual donations to a community, library or conservation foundation, you were able to receive a credit based on a percentage of your donation. This year, you won't.

There are more Tax Hikes for you, Tax Cuts for Michigan Job Creators that took place in 2011, which your Governor, Rick Snyder (R), signed into law and you can read those right here

One more thing, if you're a Michigan Middle Class Republican and stay in a State Township or Village based community. During 2012, Michigan Republicans passed and Gov. Snyder signed into law a cut on the MBT (Michigan Business Tax) on Equipment. Basically, your Township or Village will not felt the impact of this cut until 2014 but, this is huge.

Michigan business tax debate: Snyder's revised plan a big part of lame-duck agenda - M-LIVE- November 27, 2012:

"Legislation to exempt many businesses from paying the tax on personal property - machinery, computers and other equipment - was passed by the Republican-controlled Senate in May and is pending in the GOP-led House. Republicans want to cut business taxes before the legislative session ends in December.

The tax is seen as expensive and unwieldy for companies to comply with and for governments to collect. The Snyder administration also says it makes Michigan's business climate uncompetitive compared with neighboring Great Lakes states and punishes capital investments.

The problem is the PPT, as it is known, helps fund schools, libraries, police departments and other local services with $470 million a year. To get the bills through the Senate, Republicans inserted a "poison ill" amendment that would end the tax relief if future lawmakers do not reimburse local units."

One reason Township's and Villages, although stained, have not ran massive debts like you have seen in cities such as Detroit, Flint, Benton Harbor, Ecorse, Allen Park, Wayne and others is the former MBT Equipment Tax Revenue provided about 20-30% of the total operational revenue for these communities annual budget. Well, since its' gutted now, guess what is going to happen in the near future?

It's not rocket science but since less revenue is coming in from tax collections many of these well-ran communities but on the brink of debt will now, be in debt. Others will raise fees (millage's) for Police, Fire and Garbage Collection in the future to offset the loss in revenue from the "job creators". 

Look for a local tax or millage hike in the future but, its' not their fault. If they don't provide the services you expect, you  as a Michigan Middle Class Republican, will complain rightfully. In order to provide services with less revenue, these communities must make up the income lost by taxing asking for a millage hike from you.

This is what Wealth Distribution, Michigan Corporate Republican Style, works against for the normal, regular working Michigander like yourself. Now, knowing all of this, will you change who you voted for on November 9, 2010 from either R to D or I? Because the R's are playing your wages and income like the Robin Hood story, in reverse.

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