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Monday, February 25, 2013

Op/Ed: Cheaters Should Not Win: How Michigan GOP Plan to Steal the 2016 Election

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Michigan Democratic Party Convention in Detroit Saturday, February 23rd failed  to create the drama media resources desired when former MDP Chairman Mark Brewer graciously withdrew his candidacy, for New Chair Lon Johnson can change Democrats loses into wins during the States' 2014 General Election.

Meanwhile, up in Lansing, at the Michigan Republican Party convention, the State GOP were plotting yet again.

Specifically, conferring a plan called "Cheat to Win" during the 2016 Presidential Elections. If you've determined Michigan Republicans have learned nothing from Governor Rick Snyder low popularity ratings or the bottom basement thoughts among common sense minded Michiganders on the views of their "party", you're right. 

From The National Memo - February 25, 2013 - "GOP Plot To Steal The 2016 Election Continues"
"Michigan’s Republican Party approved a resolution Saturday that would change the way the states award electoral votes from the winner-take-all system that has existed since the state’s admission to the Union. 
A total of 14 votes would be awarded to the candidate with the most votes in each congressional district and two would go to the overall winner of the state’s popular vote. 
Under this scheme, Mitt Romney would likely have won 10 of the state’s electoral votes to President Obama’s six — despite the fact that Obama carried the state by nearly 10 percent. 
The resolution was introduced by Rep. Pete Lund (R), who offered electoral college reform legislation in 2011 that would have given Romney the state, but which state Republicans rejected because they assumed the GOP nominee, a Michigan native and son of a former governor, would win the state. 
Lund will likely reintroduce the bill in 2013. Republicans have majorities in both state houses and Republican governor Rick Snyder is supportive of the plan, but questions its timing. 
“The right way is to talk about it in a bipartisan way … just prior to a census,” Snyder said."
So, Governor Snyder (R) would prefer for his party to rightfully wait until the 2020 Census to re-allocate how Michigan's Electoral votes are allotted or as he did on Right to Work for Less, say that this latest plan to "cheat" Michigan votes is "not on his agenda" until a bill reaches his desk to sign during his term. Either way, the resolution introduced by Representative and State House Majority Whip Peter Lund (R - Shelby Township) is quite distributing considering Lund's voting record.

A quick peek over at Ballotpedia reveals Rep. Lund has no problem aligning with the needs of big business over the average Michigan tax paying citizen wants, desires, thoughts or ideas on how our State should operate.

*Lund vote IN FAVOR during Michigan's Lame Duck Session for all three Right-to-Work for Less Bills SB 865 & 116, HB 4003

*Lund voted IN FAVOR in 2012,  of to Expands Areas Where Concealed Weapons are Authorized

*Lund voted IN FAVOR of extending a special tax perk for a Super Speedway Gas Stations

*Lund voted IN FAVOR during 2010 on an amendment to support local Right-to-Work (for Less) Zones

*Lund voted IN FAVOR during 2009, to cut revenue sharing payments (allocated by your taxable revenue given to the State of Michigan)  to local governments as a way to balance the state budget without raising taxes.

And Rep. Lund voted "Yea" in a series of other bills or recent legislation, signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder, to the decrements of Middle and Lower Class Michiganders economic or social status. So yes, cheating to win an election in 2016 is not out of the question for our Corporate Republicans in Lansing. Be aware, very aware.


In other news for Washtenaw County Residents, Michigan House Democratic "Real State of the State" Listening bus tour will make a pit stop on in the local area. Have your voice heard by on the issues impacting your life as a Michigan resident by officials today, by visiting:

Washtenaw ISD 1819 S. Wagner Road Ann Arbor, MI - Monday, February 25, 2013 at 6:00 PM ET

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