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Friday, February 1, 2013

Michigan Liberal Blog poster 'Mike McGuinness' makes shocking allegations against Michigan Democratic Party Chairman

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Update 4:10 PM ET - Michigan Liberal Blog has confirmed the authenticity of the post written by "Mike McGuinness" is connected to the former Oakland County Democratic Party Official that was convicted of fraud and perjury in Michigan's 2010 Fake Tea-Party candidates scandal. 

From Michigan Liberal Blog - 'The blog comment heard 'round the world' - February 1, 2013
"For the record, about an hour ago, I got what I would call credible confirmation that the comment in question was left by the actual Michael McGuinness." 
Additionally, a statement was made to MIRS News (subscription based only) by Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer, denying any personal involvement in the Oakland County case. Brewer also questioned the timing of these shocking allegations made by McGuinness, is a effort to muddy the waters for his upcoming effort to retain his Chairperson seat with the MDP.

Independent Underground News & Talk will continue to follow this story and report any necessary updates.


The Michigan Democratic Party State Convention is less than three weeks away. Before any festiveness begins, a story that has broken on Michigan Liberal Blog could add shell-shocks to what leadership of the State Democratic Party Leadership could look like into 2013 and beyond.

A poster named "Mike McGuinness" has alluded to allegations that if true, could shake the core of exactly who will be the Chairperson of the Michigan Democratic Party, which seeks to take back State Government from Republican domination lead by Governor Rick Snyder (R). 

To give a brief status update, currently Michigan's House, Senate, Attorney General, Secretary of State and a majority on the State's Supreme Court is held by Republicans. Unless Michigan Democrats can make substantial gains during the 2014 election of State Politics Demographics in Lansing, recently passed lame-duck legislation like Right-to-Work for Less could be just the beginning of middle, working and lower class Michiganders woes.

So why does the name "Mike McGuinness" sound a bit familiar in relations to Michigan Politico scene? Well because a scheme similar to what current Speaker of the Michigan House Jase Bolger (R) and former House Representative Roy Schmidt (Fmr. -R- Grand Rapids) paying a young college $450.00 to run as a fake Democrat to secure Schmidt last minute political party switch, was first cooked up in 2010.

Listen to Independent Underground Radio LIVE discussion with Hosts Monica RW and Cool Mike on Michigan "Election Rigging" scheme with Speaker of the House Jase Bolger and Former State House Official Roy Schmidt, at the 60.00 section mark.

From US News & World Report - Michigan Democrats Charged in Faux-Tea Party Scam - March 17, 2011
"Oakland is a Michigan county just northwest of Detroit. According to the paper, former Democratic County Chairman Michael McGuinness and ex-operations director Jason Bauer “face charges related to Independent Tea Party filings, false affidavits and forged documents that occurred between July 23 and July 26 last year.”  
In announcing the charges against the two former Democratic operatives, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, a Democrat, and County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, a Republican, were scathing in their criticism of the two men’s activities. 
Bouchard, the paper reported, said 23 questionable election filings across Michigan--eight of them in Oakland County--involved an effort to create the illusion of an independent Tea Party and its candidates on November's ballot.  In several instances the activities allegedly even included putting people up for political office without their involvement or, in at least one case, without even their knowledge, a criminal act under Michigan law.  
In total McGuinness and Bauer are, the paper said, “charged with three counts of forged records, uttering and publishing, a 14-year felony; three counts of election law, false swearing, a felony punishable by five years in prison; and one count of election law, false swearing-perjury, also a five-year felony.  Bauer is also charged with three counts of notary public violation, a one-year misdemeanor.”
The investigation, Bouchard added, is ongoing and includes, the paper reported, “an unnamed ‘party leader’ in Lansing."
The real Mike McGuinness, former Chairman of the Oakland County Democratic Party, pleaded no-contest of perjury and forgery in the effort described above and received probation. On January 31, 2013, a poster name "Mike McGuinness" on Michigan Liberal made these charges against Michigan Democratic Party Chairman, Mark Brewer.

From the Michigan Liberal Blog - User "Mike McGuinness" - January 31, 2013:

"The current chair of the Michigan Democratic Party cultivated the fake Tea Party political party to draw votes from Republicans in 2010. It is bizarre to me that few Democrats seemed to care much (let alone challenge him on whether he was involved or not).  He not only had the audacity to stand for re-election the next year, but had the strange fortune of being re-elected. Apparently a repeat may occur yet again. Wild."
If the allegations made by poster "Mike McGuinness" is true, it could indeed launch a rattle what's normally a "ceremonial" re-election to retain the MDP Chairperson. Independent Underground News & Talk have contacted resources at the Michigan Liberal Blog to confirm the authenticity of the post and we'll update our readers with this information if a response is forwarded.

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