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Friday, February 22, 2013

Op/Ed- Michigan: Fourth Saddest State in the Nation with Corporate Republicans in Charge of Everything

Photo Credit- Michigan Democratic Party

IU News Op/Ed

Did you hear? Michigan according to Twitter or "Tweets" is the fourth saddest State in the nation. Somehow we doubt the saddest surrounds the snow just dumped on our roads, lands and driveways to be shoved, until the next white fluffy stuff stops by for a visit again. No, its' probably attributed to the poor state of Michigan's Government under the leadership of Governor Rick Snyder and the Corporate Republican majority in Lansing.

Basically, the Governor is not very popular at the moment. Who would blame Michiganders for feeling pretty BLUE about his two years and one month tenure?

Initially launching his candidacy for Governor of a State of 10 Million people, Snyder stated his "One Tough Nerd Policies" was the cure to fix all things broken in Michigan. Now, the self-titled "nerd" is disappointed that the four letter word is being used to describe when his term could end, in 2014.

From - February 21, 2013 - Snyder chief of staff talks '8-year project' while Michigan Democrats post 'One Term Nerd' billboard:
"Gov. Rick Snyder will see a new "One Term Nerd" billboard on Interstate 96 on his daily commute between Ann Arbor and Lansing. 
Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer announced the new campaign, a play on Snyder's own "one tough nerd" slogan from 2010, on Thursday. 
This billboard now stands on I-96 near Lansing. 
"Democratic groups from across the state, as well as hundreds of individuals — including many new online donors to the Michigan Democratic Party — chipped in a little to make a big statement to Rick Snyder," Brewer said in a statement. 
...But his chief of staff says the administration continues to look up. 
"Ours is an eight-year project," Dennis Muchmore said Wednesday at the Michigan Society of Association Executives 2013 Legislative & Public Policy Conference. "We're not here to win the polls at the end of the second year. We're here to fundamentally change the way the state operates and does business."
That's the point Muchmore. It's doubtful with the sad state of affairs in Michigan, Governor Snyder will receive another four years to damage the State's Middle Class at the expense of his rich Republican friends, family and golfing buddies.

As most State Residents know in December 2012, Michigan which was previously known as the staple for collective bargaining rights, in 48 hours turned into a "Right to Work for Less State". Since this point one can reasonably assume Michiganders are a bit sad and downright angry by the result and seem to be striking revenge -so to speak- on Governor Snyder's approval rating.

From February 13, 2013 - EXCLUSIVE POLL: Governor Rick Snyder’s job performance rating slips double digits:

"The battle to win Michigan’s new Right to Work law appears to have taken a big toll on Governor Rick Snyder’s popularity.  
In a brand new EPIC-MRA poll released first to WXYZ and the Detroit Free Press, 61 percent of those surveyed now give the Governor a negative job rating.  Only 36 percent believe Governor Snyder is doing a good job and 3-percent are undecided.  
That compares to December of last year, when 48 percent gave the Governor a negative job rating and 51 percent approved of what he was doing.   
His favorability has also suffered.  Forty-two percent like Governor Snyder, 46 percent don’t like him." 
The "we don't like Rick" drumbeat is growing louder and stronger as State Residents calculate their State 1040 Tax Returns. Signed in 2011, a series of changes to the State Tax Code are "coming home to roost" for Middle, Lower Class and Senior Michiganders checkbooks in a negative way. Gone are credits such as giving a older car to charity, a deduction for any charity donations period, no $600 exemption for Children under the age of 18 anymore and baby boomers will be taxed on their pensions and annuities.

Yet worst, owning a undervalued home in Michigan is not just sad for a family overall net worth but, Michigan's Homestead Property Tax Credit for a majority of State Residents was eliminated. Meanwhile, Governor Snyder announced during his State of the State Speech he wants to raise other taxes and fees. Like car registration fees and a $.14 hike to Michigan's gas tax, to take just a bit more from the citizen paychecks to the State Coffers, instead. No wonder Michigan is so sad.

From MLive February 21, 2013 - "Susan J. Demas: Nobody likes Rick Snyder's gas tax hike...."
"That's the political reality at hand right now, as Gov. Rick Snyder tries to shame lawmakers into walking the plank and voting for $1.2 billion in tax hikes and fee increases. His plan is to effectively hike the gas tax 14 cents and raise vehicle registration fees, the so-called "birthday tax," 60 percent. 
The alternative plan is to hike the sales tax to pay for roads, which would require a vote of the people. 
The fact that Snyder is pushing for this at a time when gas is hitting $4 a gallon for no apparent reason is unfortunate. There's also the inconvenient fact that many people are doing their 2012 taxes and are just now discovering their taxes have gone up, courtesy of tax changes brought to you by Snyder and Republicans."
And now our largest, majority - minority city of Detroit, Michigan probably will be under state control in the form of an "Emergency Manager" by early March; leading to a State of Confusion of those who voted on November 6, 2012 to ax any form of "takeover Lansing Style" from coming to their city next.

Michiganders by a 52 to 48%, voted by a referendum to remove Public Act #4 of 2011 from State Statutory Laws. Never mind what the People --who by the way Governor Snyder are not consumers or customers-- did not want as a new form of state takeover of cities, townships, villages, counties and school districts at will law, passed December 2012.

MLive January 30, 2013 - Expert: New emergency manager law 'complex'; Powers are 'pretty similar' to Public Act 4:
"Michigan's new emergency manager law is complicated and will likely see a number of legal challenges after it takes effect March 28, an expert said today, Jan. 30.

"This is one of the most complex laws I've ever seen, quite frankly," said Eric Scorsone, a Michigan State University economist and expert on local government finances.

In a seminar he led today in Detroit on "Understanding the new Emergency Manager Law (Public Act 436)", Scorsone compared the legislation to a complex board game in which players have multiple options for reaching the end.

"It's difficult at best," he said of the law signed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder in December. "I think there's going to be a lot of questions as implementation of the law goes forward.

Still, Scorsone said the powers granted to state-appointed emergency managers under the new law are "pretty similar" to those in Public Act 4, the controversial emergency manager law that was rejected by voters in a November referendum."
The terms "One-Term Nerd", "Unpopular Governor in Chief", "Tax and Spend Republican Snyder" could be the least of Rick Snyder problems to worry about in 2013. If Michiganders remain sad into 2014, the Corporate CEO Governor easily could be replaced, to bring a form a happiest back to the mitten and bunny residents far and wide.

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