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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guest Op/Ed: Rev. Pinkney Speech at USC, Before The Protest of the NAACP Image Awards

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IU News Guest Op/Ed
By Rev. Edward Pinkney with BANCO

Rev. Edward Pinkney spoke at the University of Southern California before the protest of the NAACP Image Awards and the verbiage was the following:
My goal today is to educate you about the NAACP to hold them accountable for their actions and in actions. The NAACP no longer fighting for civil and human rights. The immoral practice of the NAACP must stop.
Whirlpool Corporation has purchased the NAACP for a few dollars. The Whirlpool Corporation leaders met with the state NAACP leaders and told them, we (Whirlpool Corporation) want to support the NAACP but will not support the NAACP under Rev Edward Pinkney leadership, so if you want this money, you must remove Rev Edward Pinkney. The NAACP has sold their soul to the devil.
The NAACP is no longer relevant and do not support the black community, we must stop the hand pick black leaders, we must stop the exploiting of our community by the NAACP, we must force the NAACP to promote justice for our community.
The NAACP first president was a white man, who cared less for the black community, his name was Moorfield Storey a white Boston lawyer. He was president from 1910 to 1915 only five years. Their next president was Joel Springarn who was President from 1915 until 1940, Springard who was a well known liberal Republican and one of the first Jewish leaders of the NAACP. 

He was chairman of the board from 1913 until he died at that point, his brother Aurthur, because president and heldonto that position from 1940-1965, from 1966 until 1975 the President was Kivie Kaplan a jewish American businessman from Boston. He has been described as a American Jew, who held a leadership role in the NAACP and for the first 75 years all leadership role was held by white folks.
The student were amazed that the NAACP were started and all leadership role were headed by white people and the NAACP did not get their fitst black president until 1975. It was in 1975 Benjamin Hooks because the very first black president of the NAACP.
The NAACP has been deceiving Blacks for over a century. I personally do not believe that the NAACP has ever been concern about the Black community. I believe their job were to be a buffer. The NAACP roded the coat tail of Rev Martin Luther King until he separated himself from them. The NAACP is no longer relevant. The NAACP is A Joke.                                                                                                    
We are demanding that President Ben Jealous Resign and allow the members to elect the president.
The NAACP give Image Award to singers, actors, and producers who dump toxins into our community and call it entertainment. The NAACP is race hustlers............
We now have 5,O17 membership card burned. Sunday we will burn over NAACP membership and other 300 items.
We will protest the NAACP on April 3,2013 in Washington D.C April 4 ,2013 in Baltimore in front of the National office.

Writer's Bio
Rev Edward Pinkney From

"Many years ago I was going about my life believing that the justice system was just that until I started going to the court house to observe all the wrong convictions. There are numerous factors for wrongful convictions in the Berrien County court system. Most of the problems are in the local judicial system." 

"It's hard to believe that in the year 2011 we have a county in Michigan with a legal system this antiquated and racist. What's harder to believe is that no one at the State or National level is taking any action to remedy the situation." 

"We cannot run society for the privileged and allow a significant proportion of the population to be marginalized. It impacts the quality of life for all of us. If we have throwaway people, a justice system which tolerates injustice is doomed to collapse. I am truly ready for action.

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