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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Episode #210 - Is the Post Office Broke? Rundown of MDP Chairperson Race - IU Radio LIVE

usps-truck (Photo credit: David Guo's Master)

***Is the United States Post Office Broke or is the efforts to privatize USPS services has everything to do with busting the Poster Workers Union? Is the USPS is Federally mandated by the Constitution being destroyed by Republicans who claim to stand for our nation's document written by the Founding Fathers?

We'll explore.

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***Michigan Senate Republicans abruptly make a ruling to end Abortion Coverage for Michigan Senate Democrats, their Female Family Members and females employed within the State Senate. We'll play State Senator Gretchen Whitmer video speaking out on the chamber floor about this matter. 

Is this fair, right or just while Men in the State Senate and their male family members still have access to prescription Viagra coverage?

***In a story broken by Michigan Radio -- Mosaica, the private charter school corporation hired by the Muskegon Heights Public School Emergency Manager Donald Weatherspoon, has hired eight UN-CERTIFIED teachers, in clear violation of Federal Mandates in the "No Child Left Behind" Education act. 

Yet, Mosaica ability to run educational operations of the Muskegon Heights School District was suppose to be a "Shining Example" for Gov. Rick Snyder's efforts to privatize the State's Entire Public School System with the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA). 

Is the Muskegon Heights Experiment with children of this public school district, a failure?

***Finally, we'll update the latest information in the race for Michigan Democratic Party Chairperson race between currently seated Mark Brewer and Challenger Lon Johnson, with a vote to take place at the MDP Convention on Feb. 23rd. We'll review parts of candidates speeches given before the Ann Arbor Democratic Party on Saturday, February 9th.

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