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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(VIDEO) Op/Ed - NRA Playing 'race card' politics using President Obama's daughters is unacceptable

Letter from The National Rifle Association
Letter from The National Rifle Association (Photo credit: tokenygaard)
Independent Underground News & Talk -Op/Ed

This is unacceptable, highly disgusting and should tell anyone with a brain about the mentally of a group that labels itself as the National Rifle Association.

What is "this"? We're describing a web advertisement the National Rifle Association had the gull and nerves to put their repugnant mission to have anyone regardless of mental stability status, with a gun. Any gun, anytime, anywhere they feel like it.

This organization as a whole, has a grandiose belief of our Second Amendment should not denote any responsibly to criminals like Adam Lanza's decision to gun down twenty innocent children and six educators in school, in the Newtown, CT tragedy. Or worse, criminals who gunned down 411 residents in Detroit, Michigan in 2012, should not face penalties of any sort because the Second Amendment gave shooters rights to carry and use, whenever and however, a gun.

President Barack Obama daughters' Sasha and Malia Obama, or any suggestion thereof, should never have been put into a web advertisement by the National Rifle Association. For as long as we can remember the political debates ended with using the President of the United States children to make a point. Until today.

Let us call this National Rifle Association web advertisement out for what it is, and yes be warned the racial undertones contained in this "piece" will be touched. Call it using the "race card" but these cards have been played since former California's Governor Ronald Reagan at the NRA insistence, took guns away from the National Black Panther Party.

What the advertisement represents is a "dog-whistle" moment to the racist, mentally deranged element that happened to be members of NRA. Specifically, the message at its core states, "since our children --of a certain color and ethnic background-- are not "safe", why is President Obama's daughters' protected from harm?

The NRA should be very careful stepping into the mud of sending any "dog-whistles" to evoke any form of harm to President Obama's daughters. 

Rational Americans, representing nearly 87% our of populace of 300,000,000 in this country, will not allow the spin-masters of this group of 7 million individuals to deny or shell blame if any harm comes to this President or his family by proposing reasonable laws and signing 23 Executive Orders on gun safety, in line with our U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment.   

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